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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 12, 2014.

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    • Broaddus says it looked like Ware just didnt play very well instead of the injury playing more into it. Because he he didnt mention it until the end of the yr.

    Personal note: he's wrong here Ware clearly tweeked it vs the chargers, because he came off the field and trainers looked at it.

    • Realistically the team shouldnt feel they cant go after Ware's money because he's clearly not worth what his contract is paying.

    Market value is half of what Ware is getting for this yr.

    Have to think about team when you have a guy on the other side making what Ware makes in a week.

    • Any concerns on Lee's neck?

    Any time you talk about neck injuries its serious.

    • Mid round QBs, all preferr Murray over McCarron and Mettenberger

    • RD4 pick they talk about taking one of these character guys that are big talent but drop.

    • Player they think who they cut
    Cook - Cut
    Edgar Jones - Cut
    Tanner - stays

    • Hatcher, on a 2 yr deal for 13 mil could be plausable for Dallas. Rowan say his pride might play into him leaving.

    • Spencer, Broaddus says he saw him at VR and says spencer looks like he nowhere near being ready to play. Looks like a old man walking.

    • Dont reach for DL because you have Marinelli ability to coach players.

    • Caller on Trading Murray: outside the box thought but its interesting. What could you get for Murray to justify the trade.
  2. DavidS

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    Trading Murray is a good idea in my opinion if you can get a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him.
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  3. Denim Chicken

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    I forgot about Cook
  4. Corso

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    I don't have a good feeling about Spencer at all.
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  5. Alexander

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    What is amazing is that between Cook and Costa we spent that much on two backup centers.
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    This reitirates our thoughts on Ware's potential value (cap wise); or the value he should be open to reducing to if he were to stay on board (5 mil/yr). Otherwise, cut him and allocate the funds appropriately(ish)...this is JJ. Why is this team clinging to the talent that provided one of the worst defenses in league history while being snugged up on the cap? Hatcher played well, but the line as a whole was terrible. Don't pay him 6 mil/yr and limit opportunities for young talent capable of providing consistent pressure as a unit.
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  7. jrumann59

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    Maybe a 4th with injury history and being just an above average back. Murray type RB are a dime a dozen.
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  8. BigStar

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    With him being a FA next season and the team's cap problems, I would gladly take a 3rd and pickup a RB in the draft (RB by commitee). We are going to lose him next season anyhow, no one resigns RBs with his injury history unless he completely blows up. That is not likely to happen with JG running the O esp.
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  9. big dog cowboy

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    Thanks so much for posting this LM!

    I expect this to be a hot topic the rest of Ware's career in Dallas.
  10. Super_Kazuya

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    The interesting thing to me about debating Ware's past and future play (and the reasons for it) is that even if you used a crystal ball and saw Ware with 18 sacks in '14, I don't think it would change any fan's mind on how to deal with Ware this summer. Ware has become Erick Dampier to a lot of fans, a way out of a financial bind... his less than stellar play opened that door but really isn't keeping it open anymore.
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  11. LatinMind

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    I think this is playing into the factor of all of the sudden Ware getting surgery. We will know in a month if Ware gets cut
  12. yentl911

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    I would not trade Murray to be honest. Our offense is much different with him in the game and he plays with an attitude and chip on his shoulder that I wish more guys had to be honest.

    I am not saying they need to reach for a D-Lineman but they better be drafting some - at least three - RM is a great coach but you all watched what happened last year when we had no talent up front.

    I love ware and is one of my all-time favorite players. I wish he wasn't beat up like he is but he laid his body on the line for this team for the last nine years. It is a business and JJ needs to make this call - take a cut or we will need to let you go. The good franchises can make the tough calls. I applaud Jerry for being attached to guys but business is business and no one should know that more than Jerry.

    Too bad about Spencer. I really liked him as well I thought he would be excellent in this scheme. Terrible injury to return from and too old at this point. Not worth the effort IMO. Let's move on.
  13. casmith07

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    Looking at things in a self-contained, Alexander vacuum. Kudos for making a post that is completely absent any awareness of context or the present or past state of the offensive line.
  14. casmith07

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    I think that he's done. That knee injury is something that he should've just been on IR for all of last season. He shouldn't have even attempted to play.
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  15. BigStar

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    Hey Cas is that Peppi Zellner next to Woody in your sig?
  16. OhSnap

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    Whats amazing is that Cook was picked up for a 7th rd pick and was starting 3 plays into the first game of the season after being on the team less than a week. It was a nice save for another injury filled training camp.
  17. Idgit

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    That was such a disaster. Losing Nagy (was it the season before?), Costa, Mack, and picking up a castoff RT who had some snapping experience going into the week of the first game of the season when we were already fielding a question mark at the position. So irritating. Add it to the ILB injuries, and the run of S injuries and the DL injuries from this season. It seems like we can't buy a break for a team that was thin to start with and upside down on the cap. Throw in the lower-than-projected cap the last two years from the renegotiated CBA, and we really got caught with out pants down at exactly the wrong time in so many ways the last three seasons.
  18. DallasDW00ds0n

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    dump spencer and ware and sign michael bennett
  19. Picksix

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    Bennett says he wants to be paid "up with the top guys". I'd like it, but I don't think we can make that work. Any money you save from cutting Ware, probably has to go toward resigning Dez and Tyron.
  20. Chocolate Lab

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    Sounds like the Valley Ranch PR machine is floating the trial balloon of cutting Ware. All we need now is Mickey to write an article about what a bum he is.
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