Recap: Talkin Cowboys 3/19

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Mar 20, 2014.

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    They were four good moves...are we talking from hindsight? And more importantly, are they smart moves (cheap vet depth with Mincey, McClain and Weeden) or just the only moves we could make? Same with Melton....while everyone here is overjoyed to get him(me included) the fact is the same deal was offered to other teams and no one else bit.

    So are we applauding the Cowboys for circumstance? Or was there really some shrewd manuevering by the team? I like the fact that we have added some younger bodies while keeping an eye on the future. I WANT to believe it is a sign that we are making some internal changes but only time is going to tell.
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    I can understand what you are saying. Probably a little of both. But I also take into account the shrewd [hindsight probably] moves by not keeping Hatcher to a big contract like the Redskins gave him. Give them credit for letting him walk away. Then they sign Melton, 5 years younger and a very cap friendly contract, without being tied to it, if he does not recover to form.

    I give them credit for not over paying or keeping Ware another aging player with reduced production. Do you take the chance he returns to form, which he hasn't the past 2 years now.
    Now I would have been perfectly fine with him staying, but at a lower cost. But this was the type of signing or restructure that got JJ into cap issues in the past. But not this time.

    I don't think signing any of these players were truly because that's all they could do. To me it was to get depth at a decent price. Part of a plan as not to overpay FA's or to restructure to keep their own and overpay, then be in the same situation next year. Get the starters or future starters in the draft. Unless someone steps up and surprises us. And not just the FA's, even guys coming off of injury, Crawford, Bass. But we won't know that until camp.

    But if they had $15 million in cap space, that may have changed things, but how did they get that cap space would have been the key to that answer.
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    He's suppose to be on schedule. The schedule has him ready sometime during training camp though.

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