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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Chuck 54

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    You don't improve your team by letting Spencer walk...ridiculous.

    If Spencer leaves, the odds are against you finding the same quality starter, even with your top, the top pick is gone, and you added nothing to your team except a little cap room in free agency that still may not land a significant player.

    Nope, you want to resign Spencer to start at DE, and then you add a key new starter with the draft pick.
  2. DCBoysfan

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    I honestly don't see Dallas re-signing Spencer, I like Spence but I think he is gonna command to much money.
  3. BraveHeartFan

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    I'd like to keep Spencer but I just don't see how Dallas does it without knowingly sacrificing someone else in the near future like Dez, Lee, or Carter.

    Of course in the case of Carter or even Lee you might be willing to let one of them walk to keep Spencer since they've yet to prove to be durable while Spencer has proven that he is.
  4. burmafrd

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    How many pro bowls has spencer really EARNED? One at best.
    How many ALL PRO teams has Ware EARNED?
    So anyone comparing Spencer to Ware is smoking something very strong.

    Ware has proven himself a top ELITE player for how many years?

    Vs Almost Anthony.

    $7-8 million a year is the absolute limit they should go with on Spencer. No more.

    And he would not be THAT hard to replace since going by 80% of his career he is nothing special.
  5. visionary

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    we know (at least the sane among us) that the dallas collective hive mind (front office) are idiots of the highest order when it comes to making football decisions but if they dont sign romo that would really be a completely new level of idiocy
  6. visionary

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    these people will never get it

    they clamor to over pay a career underachiever like spencer while ignoring our most glaring issues on the OL and the middle of the DL
  7. ufcrules1

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    Bingo! Excellent post man. We have to start running this team like a business vs. a family. We have to make tough decisions or we are always going to be an 8-8 team. I mean if we were on the cusp of winning a super bowl then I would resign Specner but we are not even remotely close right now. We have to start thinking about our future here and stop jeopardizing it with bad contracts to older players.
  8. Future

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    While I don't disagree that we need to be thinking about the future, I think some might be thinking that Carter and Lee are going to get massive contracts. The reality is that neither one has played a full season, and neither has shown the ability to do so.

    Neither is going to get a huge contract without at least 2 healthy seasons under their belt, I wouldn't think.
  9. DCBoysfan

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  10. burmafrd

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    Carter not so much; but Lee has had 2 straight seasons with injuries. He might be one that you need to see more of.
  11. TheSport78

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    IMO it's also risky to sign Spencer to a long-term deal, expecting him to consistently play at a high level while changing positions at the same time.
  12. Fletch

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    You make a very good point.
  13. DezBRomo9

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    After the season ended, and before Kiffin was hired I was up for keeping Spencer. Now, I'd rather let him walk, along with the guys that don't fit this system, I.e. Jenkins, Spencer, Spears, Coleman and Sensabaugh. Give me young hungry defensive players in the second and third day. Spend a little bit of money to keep Albright, and Sims and add someone at SLB and LE like Roach and Idonije both former Bears. Focus on OL, DL, and safety in the draft. Cut Free and let Costa go. Let Kiffin teach and give Romo some real NFL Olineman.


    PAINFROMUKRAINE Well-Known Member

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    Signing spencer would probably affect the Cowboys ability to resign Dez, Carter, Lee

    I am all for resigning Dez. Right now, Lee is a maybe. He has been injury-prone and I am not sure we want to tie up money on a guy who is always Injured. Carter has 2 years left on his Contract. Do not resign/extend him until after 2013. If Carter is out for some games this year, then an extension needs to really be discussed/investigated. I want players on the field not on the sidelines.
  15. xwalker

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    Romo has 5.3M remaining against 2013 from previous restructuring bonus money. That means that his 2013 cap hit would be 5.3M if he signed new contract for $1 per year.

    Most likely his new contract has a cap hit of 5M to 6M plus the existing 5.3M (i.e. about 10M to 11M total).

    I used 12M for Romo's cap hit in my calculations where I show them being 18M under the cap.
  16. conner01

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    you could replace spencer in the draft, but thats one other position you don't get to address in the draft.
    with the needs we have adding more just makes it that much harder to fill them. we won't have a lot of free agent money so those top 4 picks have to be hits, and if you add de to the list of plyers we need then one of those needs obviously gets pushed back to 5th or 6th rnds which means you have to get very lucky to find a guy ready to contribute
  17. visionary

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    not sure what you mean

    how do you think we intend to pay spencer (if we do) if not from our cap money (which is another name for free agent money)?

    this is what many of us have been saying, by not signing spencer we are not "creating a hole", that hole already exists because spencer is a FA and not under contract. there are many ways to fill this hole: we can resign spencer with FA money, sign another FA, or draft someone, or fill in with someone already on the roster
  18. SWG9

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    Yeah, that's exactly the mentality that I'd have as well. We don't know if either of these guys can stay healthy, we don't know if either will be as good in a 4-3, and we don't know if we'll be able to find cheaper alternatives through the draft or FA as replacements down the road, among other things.

    No reason to worry about possible extensions for either of these guys right now.
  19. Future

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    Carter missed a lot of time his rookie year with injuries as well.
  20. LatinMind

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    Broaddus wasnt comparing them in terms of production. But in terms of money. Asking if you could afford two Des making Wares type of money.

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