Tavon Austin

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Questfor6, Nov 17, 2012.

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    Nah we did'nt trade our future away.We will be just find and alot of teams would have done the same thing.I even remember reading on here after the trade that they wished JJ would do something like that.You would love to have that gadget QB :D
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    OL and DL only.

    WR and RB are a dime a dozen.
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    You really can't go wrong if you do get the chance to draft him.He is a amazing talent and when he touches the ball something good will happen 70% of the time.
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    He'll probably be drafted by the Texans tbh. They need a slot receiver bad and they'll pick at the end of the 1st which is where he'll probably go.
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    If any Cowboy fans try to make fun of your team for drafting RG3 just laugh at them.
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    exactly!! :laugh1:
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    I have to agree with the move that the Redskins made. If I traded up, it would have been for Luck, not RG3. Trading multiple picks for a franchise QB is less costly to long term sucess than hoping to find a QB with later round picks and free agency like the Cowboys did for ten years.
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    One NFL Scout told the NFL Network's Albert Breer that West Virginia senior WR Tavon Austin is a "niche-type" player.
    The same scout went on to compare Austin to Dexter McCluster and added, "how do you use him? Here's how: You find a way. He's a package guy, though, and you take him knowing you have to design things for him." Another evaluator called Austin a "smaller Percy Harvin." The senior's electric ability is undeniable, and he will be best suited to be matched with a creative offensive coordinator that gets him in space.
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    I can honestly say I wouldn't want him as the future at QB on my team. Certainly not at the price paid either.
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    not all that diff from desean jackson either....."too small" "too weak" etc etc....when you have that kind of speed and electrifying ability....you should find a way to facilitate the guy having an impact in the nil. I will admit R Bush, Tedd Ginn, and McCluster are counterpoints though...to some degree

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