Twitter: TC Evening Practice Wrap-Up - 07/30/13

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    Romo was supposed to have a day off, but he practiced. Dez spent another day rehab. Mo was out with a migraine. Justin Durant was out today. Unsure if vet day or not. DT Landon Cohen out. Cameron Sheffield has a groin injury and will be out two weeks.
    Cowboys worked out four players. Want to sign one (Toby Jackson, but debating who to release. I guess we'll know for sure tomorrow.

    Calvin Watkins ‏@calvinwatkins 2h
    Team won't officially sign Toby Jackson today because team officials are still trying to decide who to cut.
    Tanner gets TD in goal line drills.
    Tanner with nice block on Taylor to give orton time to throw TD pass.
    No Kevin Kowalski on the field. Arkin getting the reps at guard.
    Garrett ends 2 min drive says offense has to punt. Says its 4-1. Offense decides to punt then gets false start on punt.
    David Arkin at RG with 2-unit. Kowalski not on the field.
    Wade Wilson said tony romo talked his way into practicing today. Wilson said romo didn't do much.

    Brandon George ‏@dmn_george 2h
    Cowboys WR Dez Bryant with his son at practice:

    Romo's son is wearing a No. 9 Cowboys jersey with DADDY on the back. Romo just came over and waved at his son.
    WR Dez Bryant is working on the resistance cords at practice with an athletic trainer.
    First team went 0-for-3 on goal line plays and second team was 3-for-3 with TDs.
    Back-to-back TD runs in goal line situation for rookie RB Joseph Randle vs. second-team D
    With OG Kevin Kowalski out with leg injury, David Arkin is getting all the first- and second-team reps at RG. Livings at 1st-team LG.

    Tim MacMahon ‏@espn_macmahon 2h
    Check that. Romo is getting some reps. So much for getting him a vet day off. And good luck getting him to sit HOF Game.
    Sterling Moore is having a really good camp. Just blanketed Beasley on an out and picked Orton's pass.
    Gavin Escobar just dropped a ball on a corner route, but he's such a smooth route runner. Great burst out of break to separate from Wilcox.
    Barry Church, fresh off root canal, comes downhill and pops Phillip Tanner to keep him out of the end zone.
    TE Dante Rosario is the FB in goal-line package. Phillip Tanner is RB, but that might just be so DeMarco Murray doesn't practice hits.
    Fifth-round RB Joseph Randle scores off tackle on his first 2 goal-line reps vs. 2s.
    DeMarco Murray is in there with first team in goal-line walkthrough drills. They just don't want him taking hits.
    Randle's two TDs came behind 270-pound TE Andre Smith. Could Cowboys keep five tight ends?
    Nate Livings and Ronald Leary are splitting first-team reps at left guard. Leary just cleared nice hole for Murray on third-and-1 conversion
    Matt Johnson makes his second big play of camp, stripping Andre Smith after a catch off a bootleg. JJ Wilcox scooped and scored.
    Terrance Williams shows some burst on a WR screen to start team drills.
    How many defensive ends can run down Dwayne Harris from behind on an end-around? DeMarcus Ware just did.
    Gavin Escobar does his job on a bubble screen to Miles Austin, getting enough of a block on Ernie Sims to give 19 a lane.
    A common sight in camp: DeMarcus Ware and Tyron Smith staying late to get in extra work.

    Charean Williams ‏@NFLCharean 2h
    Don't think that dropped pass by Williams can be blamed on nervousness.
    Instead of a day off, Romo nearly gets killed on two goal-line plays.

    mike fisher ‏@fishsports 2h
    Romo was supposed to take day off. But he's involved. His way of convincing RedBall he wants in on #Cowboys HOF Game?

    Bryan Broaddus ‏@BryanBroaddus 2h
    The rookie that I worried about the most -BW Webb but as I made my way down to 1on1 had a solid rep where he was very aggressive in coverage
    Ware shifts to the opposite side to get some rushes against Free who was able to hold up. Leary with good rep vs Hatcher.
    Hatcher gets Leary on a delay rush. Leary expecting a twist set gets beat on a straight rush.

    Ian Fitzsimmons ‏@Ianfitzespn 2h
    Jason Garrett working with the defense - as the QB

    Carlos A. Mendez ‏@calexmendez 2h
    Little Romo.

    Go get him, Hawk.

    Goal line. Orton offense two handoffs to Randle, strong runs, right side, TDs. Third play: Play action, Rosario TD, drag route vs Johnson.
    11 on 11 short yardage. Romo still practicing. Still doing his boots and waggles. ... Some day off. I'd complain.
    Second team tight ends Smith, Rosario executing down blocks textbook fashion. Randle running powerfully. Decent three days for him now.
    Matt Johnson had a strip in pursuit of Dante Rosario earlier. Almost forgot. Shouldn't have.
    7 on 7. Witten clean escape against Church middle of the field. Romo stays away from the bomb. Checks it down.
    Kendial Lawrence catch and a slip in 7 on 7. No chance to show RAC. He needs chances.
    11 on 11 two minute. Romo's first pass to Terrance Williams. Evidence growing that he trusts him.
    Jason Hatcher in coverage on Witten in nickel D. From the sideline: 'Great job, Hatch!'
    Two minute. Romo offense ran out the clock. Austin screen behind good Witten block on Carr. Four-minute offense, I guess.
    Orton was ok but he got corner-blitzed a lot by Kiffin. Romo didn't.
    Nice catches today by Jared Green on a slant, Anthony Armstrong on a back shoulder (falling). Last play of the practice a Beasley drop.

    Todd Archer ‏@toddarcher 2h
    Romo taking team drills too. Second snap slide and got up with little limp.
    Second team offense scores on all three goal line drives. Two Joseph Randle runs and an Orton TD pass to Dante Rosario
    Second round of goal line reps players are not wearing helmets.
    DT Landon Cohen is not practicing because of eye injury.
    Dan Bailey missed three kicks. First multiple miss day of camp. Wide right from 44 and 47, left from 45
    With Durant sitting out Alex Albright is with the starters.
    And now Romo is in 7v7.
    Sloppy look by offense on 5 plays. Romo misses Witten on corner route. Low throw
    Ernie Sims with 1s now. Good stop on Murray
    The rocket screen will b big part of Cowboys offense
    Offense wins the situation gets first down on Romo screen to Miles Austin.
    Cole Beasley with two drops today. Ends practice with second one.

    Rowan Kavner ‏@KavnerDC 2h
    Well, so much for Romo not practicing. Out there for the goal line drills. First play Tanner gets stuffed, then defense holds next two plays
    Much different story for second team. Get in on ground and through the air. Randle punched his way in. Looks pretty good near that end zone.
    Mr. Romo and Mr. Romo

    Clarence Hill ‏@clarencehilljr 2h
    First team defense wins goal line drill with first team offense
    Second team offense scores on three straight plays in goal line. Two td runs by Randle. Pass from Orton to Rosario
    Jones said Dez doesn't have a hip injury but a "tweak" and could go in practice. jones said he has done enough In camp. No reason to push it
    Kowalski limps out of practice with leg injury

    Tom Orsborn ‏@tom_orsborn 2h
    JJ Wilcox with a scoop and score after a Matt Johnson strip. Two youngsters making Rod Marinelli very happy.
    Ware's track down of Harris on end around and another Lee-Murray collision set tone for what could be a highly competitive team session.

    Nick Eatman ‏@nickeatman 1h
    DeMarcus ware absolutely bullrushed darion weems back 10 yards and knocked weems (318) on his back .. Unreal
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    Matt Johnson is starting to make some plays these last few practices.
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    i LOVE reading about turnovers.
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    Everyday we read about Smith moving the pile.
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    What a cool picture with Hawk and Tony.
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    Is it just me, or does that kid look like he got fat in the offseason?
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    like father like son...
  11. Idgit

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    I bet his parents are scared to death with him choking on stuff at the worst possible times.
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    Seriously though why is Doug Free never staying after practice like Tyron Smith?

    ok enough of that negative nancy.
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    Pay cut = time cut too, I guess. I've never liked Doug Free. He just erks me.
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    I don't like him either. Then again I was raised watching bad ***** like Larry Allen and Erik Williams. It disgusts me that we are stuck with this loser today. Garrett basically called him soft in yesterday's press conference. Said he was a "finesse" tackle who needed to play with more physicality. This is supposed to be the "leader" of the group? Wow. He never speaks to the media and I never hear about him putting in extra work like Tyron. I'm counting down the days till he's gone.
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    Since when was he crowned leader of the group? I feel no one has held that title on our line for awhile.
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    Please. The next negative thing I hear about Doug Free's work ethic and willingness to be a team player will be the first negative thing.

    It's fine to not like a player for what he's unable to do on the field. Being 'disgusted' that he's on the team and assuming he doesn't put in any extra work 'like Tyron does' just because you haven't heard one way or another if he ever does courtesy of the Dallas media is nothing more than projecting your own disappointment with the players performance onto Doug Free as a person. And Jason Garrett did not call one of his players 'soft' by saying he needed to play with physicality. Jason Garrett would not have a player he thought was soft starting at OT for the Dallas Cowboys three years running when there were affordable options available.
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    “You would describe Doug as more of an athletic, finesse tackle,” Garrett said. “He has good length, he has good feet. The big thing for him is part of this game is being physical, being strong. He’s demonstrated that he can do that. He just has to do that on a more consistent basis. He knows that better than anybody else".

    A finesse boxer, a finesse linebacker, those are just a couple more professions that you wouldn't want the title of finesse attached to.
    I can't speak to Free's work ethic because I haven't heard anything either way but if that photo that he took at that charity event is any indication then he's not a gym rat.
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    Could Johnson and Wilcox eventually be the starters? Johnson seems to be the guy with range and Wilcox can lower the boom.
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    I'm starting to like the idea of a lineup of Smith-Leary-Fred-Arkin-Free.
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    the always politically correct garrett is not going to flat out say he is soft but that is as close as it gets. he constantly talks about him needing to "play with more punch", "better anchor", "more physicality". this is code words for stop being a wuss.

    and yes i believe i'm right in being disgusted that he's still here solely b/c we were financially strapped this year and we had too many other holes to fill. under normal circumstances, this waste of space would have been gone.

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