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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by speedkilz88, Nov 21, 2011.

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    IRVING, Texas -- Fullback Tony Fiammetta again did not participate in Monday's walkthrough with an undisclosed illness that sidelined him against Washington and quite possibly could keep him out Thanksgiving Day against Miami.

    Head coach Jason Garrett said the medical staff hasn't yet determined the origin of Fiammetta's symptoms, which include nausea when he works out. He was at Valley Ranch on Monday, and the team doesn't believe the illness is a long-term concern, Garrett said.

    I don’t want to get too much into detail about that, but that’s really been it more than anything else," Garrett said. "So we have to understand why, whether it’s some illnesses in his family or whatever -- I don’t want to go into too much detail. But we’re just trying to get to the bottom of it and we’re doing everything we can to do that.”

    Elsewhere on the roster, starting safety Gerald Sensabaugh has a walking boot on his injured right foot but sounded optimistic he could play Thursday. He came up limping in the second quarter against the Redskins but finished the game.

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    Noooo Sensy...we will need you...Church is better in the Box
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    Injury Report
    Updated November 21, 2011


    Miles Austin, WR Hamstring DNP
    Tony Fiammetta, FB Illness DNP
    Mike Jenkins, CB Hamstring DNP
    Felix Jones, RB Ankle LP
    Jon Kitna, QB Back DNP
    Kyle Kosier, G Foot LP
    Sean Lee, LB Wrist FP
    Mat McBriar, P Foot (left) FP
    Gerald Sensabaugh, S Foot DNP


    Dan Carpenter, K Groin (right) DNP
    Ryan Cook, C Back DNP
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    Come on Jenkins
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    This season, some of our players have been injury prone, illness prone, and buffet prone, what's next....schizophrenia prone??

    Come on Fiammy, we need you out there.
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    Am I the only one who loves this?

    Love the grit that this kid is showing.

    Hopefully, he can become the true leader the team desperately needs.
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    It some stinkin' meat Fiammetta!
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    Must be one heck of a virus. Fiametta has been ill for quite some time. About a week I think.
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    Nausea when he works out. I think the poster wondering if it was a concussion may have been right. He does have a history with them.
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    Hmmm fullback or not they need to run the ball better!
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    Not funny................
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    Sounds like concussion symptom to me. Vertigo/nausea after a concussion is something that can occur. I've seen it in guys I boxed with and played football with in the past.
  14. Joe Realist

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    He will not play Thursday.
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    That was my first thought. Lingering effects. Could be something where his body is getting too dehydrated as well.
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    According to local papers- the link is on Blogging the Boys but its down right now- the doctors are puzzled about Fiammetta. They cannot diagnose what is wrong; if it was concussion related they would have figured it out by now. This is NOT good.
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    Get another fb.
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    bingo. he's had concussion issues previously. that sucks, because he could be out awhile if it's that.
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    Fixed it for you. ;)

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