Teams ready to "gobble up" Pac Man

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 32BellyOption, Mar 14, 2005.

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    By War Room scouts
    Sporting News

    The 2005 cornerback class has some good depth overall, but there is clearly a separation between "elite" and "all the rest". While some are including Auburn's Carlos Rogers among the elite, it's a two-man race between West Virginia's Adam "Pac-Man" Jones and Miami's Antrel Rolle to become the first corner drafted.

    Jones had his Pro Day this past Friday after Rolle went through his on March 3, but both workouts were uneventful, even though Jones ran a sub-4.4 40-yard dash and Rolle clocked in at sub-4.5. That's because neither corner did anything to change their suitors' opinions that they both can be great players in the NFL.

    Now the posturing, rumors and innuendo begin as some of the teams looking to select Jones or Rolle in the first round plant misinformation about their intentions in an attempt to deflect their interest. If the draft order stays as is, Jones will be off the board first at No. 6 to Tennessee. Jones has the game-changing talent and attitude that reminds some of Deion Sanders. One look at the tape of his game against Boston College in 2003 where he baited the quarterback into a pick for a touchdown and later added an awesome punt return to single-handedly win the game for the Mountaineers might seal the deal.

    The Cardinals covet Rolle and they won't pass on him if they stay at No. 8. But cornerback may be the one position that warrants a trade up into the top five for a chance at Jones, as the falloff after the big two is dramatic. Count Washington at No. 9, with the loss of Fred Smoot as a free agent, as the favorite to trade up for Jones.

    Link: Draft dish: Teams ready to gobble up 'Pac-Man'
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    Here's hoping both Rolle and Pac Man both go top 10 and push a more "need" position player down to us. Just like a hope all of the big 3 RBs go top 10 too.
    A lot of mocks have Washington drafting a corner with the loss of Smoot. If they do grab one I'm hoping its Pac Man as at 5'9" and 187 lbs you could run at him and receivers like Keyshawn (and hopefully Troy Williamson :D ) could push him around.
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    Not only that but if MW happens to drop to us, he'll run all over Pac Man.
    IMO, I don't see much difference between the top 4 guys: Jones, Rolle, Marlin Jackson, Rogers. In fact, Marlin Jackson will probably be the best pure cover CB and probably have the most successful rookie season because his technique is superior to the others. Miller and Webster are going to be productive also.
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    Jackson is the most overrated of the bunch. Couple that with his poor straight line speed, and he sounds like a bust pick if he's selected in the top 25. The very fact that some teams are talking about moving him to safety should be an eye opener when it comes to his CB skills.

    Just my opinion of course.
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    I bet you guys who are bashing Pac Man have never even seen him play! LOL!

    Anyone who has seen will tell you that although he's only 5'10", he was one one of THE most physical corner's in college football! A couple years ago he manhandled Kellen "I'm a solja" Winslow!

    As a Cowboys fan, you certainly don't want him becoming a Skin! If he does, he'll haunt us for years.

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