Technology Changing The Game

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    Technology Changing The Game

    By Blaine Grisak

    By the day, technology is becoming more apart of sports. This season Baseball has began to use a replay/challenge system for the first time, and the technology used in player’s equipment is astounding.

    Technology certainly has the ability to change the game of football from all assets as it can be used for anything from player preparation for games and practices, to player safety, and coaches getting a better idea of what the players are seeing.

    Player Preparation
    One of the more popular ways in the NFL that technology is being used, is in game film, practice film, and the playbook. Instead of having to lug around a 500+ page playbook, teams are now able to store those play books and make it more portable and versatile for the player by using iPads.

    Teams are able to upload game and practice film to the tablets and have developed apps to make preparation easier for the players, especially the younger generations. The NFL also allows teams to have them in the locker room right up until kickoff. Watching film is much easier than it used to be, and there is really no excuse for players not to be prepared in today’s game.


    Vikings rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went as far as saying that he imported the entire Vikings playbook into the “Madden” video game made by EA Sports to help him prepare and get that one extra rep that could help him.

    As crazy as it sounds, it might actually work. From a fans perspective, playing Madden can certainly help. Kids and young adults now have a better understanding as to what the difference is between a nickel and dime defense and the difference between a cover 3 and a cover 2 and when the two coverages should be used. Whether or not they ever played high school football or were ever taught how to read a football playbook, fans now have a better understanding of the game and Madden has helped in that aspect.

    Although NFL defenses disguise a lot more and are much more complex, with how realistic the video game is becoming, this is something that might become more popular. There is no way to truly simulate an NFL defense, but what Bridgewater is doing, certainly can’t hurt.

    Technology Helping Coaches and Player Safety...

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    Yup that's a good way do something you like and get a good handle on the playbook.... Interesting
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    Wonder if the iPads have a "find my playbook" app......:)
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    Teams using GPS data to prevent injury from fatigue?

    Hopefully whoever signed off on that purchase got the free GPS keychain by ordering before the commercial timer expired.
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    It's odd that they refer to it as GPS data. It's a sensor that the player wears and the data could be transmitted by any number of methods, GPS, WiFi, etc..

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