Teddy Pendergrass Dead at 59

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Maikeru-sama, Jan 14, 2010.

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    One of the most popular R&B singers of our time, Teddy Pendergrass is dead at 59 from colon cancer. EOnline explains that, Teddy Pendergrass - who's voice has been favorably compared to that of the late Barry White and called "Teddy Bear" - had what his son Teddy, Jr. described as a rough recovery from surgery for colon cancer eight months ago. The music legend and signpost of the Zeitgeist died Wednesday at Bryn Mawr Hospital in Philadelphia, his home town.

  2. Maikeru-sama

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    This will always be the JAM!!!

  3. Avaj

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    Aw man so sad to hear.
  4. Yeagermeister

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    RIP Teddy P
  5. Bonecrusher#31

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    Thats the 1st song I thought of when I heard of his passing....
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    Sad news. :(
  7. vta

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    RIP Teddy.

    "Teddy Pendergrass cooler than Freddie Jackson
    Sippin a milkshake in a snowstorm"
    -So Fresh, So Clean, Outkast
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    RIP Teddy
  9. mldardy

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    Love TKO, Turn Off The Lights, and Joy were my favorite songs. RIP Teddy P.

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