Terence Newman puts out APB on Agent... lol

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Newman's agent: Pipe down, Newman. I got bigger fish to fry. It ain't hard to do your deal, veteran minimum plus a few bogus incentives you will likely never earn.:)
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    Knee slapper!
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    I don't think he'll be getting the minimum. He had a good season last year......
  6. ninja

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    If memory serves me correct, both he and CB Mike Jenkins are FAs and both had exactly one visit so far: the Raiders. Newman left without a contract. Jenkins is still waiting, I guess. Good chance both Newman and Jenkins get the same amount, vet min or a little more.

    Interesting that no NFC East team showed any interest in either Newman or Jenkins even at rock-bottom bargain prices. And the Skins, Eagles, and Giants don't have much at CB as we speak.
  7. rocyaice

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    I'm confused to why the market for them especially Jenkins is so low. Vontae Davis was traded for a 2nd rounder...Jenkins has been just as good if not better yet no one will take a flyer on him? I always assumed Jenkins asking price was too high.
  8. lwehlers

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    i do not want to offend anyone but just do not understand what makes jenkins so great. the guy was soft, he would not tackle anyone and also did not play hurt well. jenkins was another busted first round pick. i lost all hope for the guy and wanted to release him three years ago he pulled up and let the packers do what they wanted against him.
  9. Seven

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    Jenkins doesn't have a football body. Teams know this. He's one solid hit away from a hov-a-round........

    As for the low market.....I think the teams are setting the market value, as opposed to the agents, at a majorty of the positions. A breath of fresh air, IMO.
  10. Picksix

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    The market as a whole has dried up this year. The salary cap has remained relatively flat, and looks to stay that way over the next few years, leaving teams with less room under the cap. This year, there is a ton of supply, and though there is demand, the supply is outweighing that. Plus, I think teams are finally realizing that spending a lot of money in FA doesn't tend to work out like they would hope, and they end up having to cut players after 2-3 years, leaving significant dead money on the books.
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    Jenkins was overvalued by the Cowboys and their fans. When the Colts wanted to trade for him, posters on this board went crazy expecting a first or second round draft pick or not trade. Now his real value is being set. He is just not that good a player on a week to week basis. He is injury prone and soft. Fans let emotions blind them.
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    Davis isn't made of glass

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