Terence Newman vs. Deangleo Hall

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by FRDRCK, Aug 12, 2006.


    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    ok I know that newman is better, and i know that his stats were a lot better too, so please dont make any posts like that

    i just need the actual stats w/ like thrown at, completions, touchdowns, pass deflections and stuff like that for newman and hall so i can shut somebody up real quick

  2. YoungBuck

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    don't know hall's


    0 tds allowed
    0 pass interference penalties commited
    349 yds allowed
    opponents completion % in the 40s
  3. playmakers

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    Hall hypes himself where Newman keeps to himself, this is the major difference. Comparsion, Hall is Champ Bailey as Newman is to Rashawn Mathis. Mathis and Newman dont talk stuff so its harder for them to get pub. He needs to call out Chad Johnson for example, or someone of his elk. Or, when we play Indy or Car he has to call out Marvin ans Smith.
  4. Qwickdraw

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    Very true.

    Except he should continue to be classy and quiet and call out no one.

    The rest of us will handle the hyping for him.
  5. Big Dakota

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    Chad Johnson is an Elk? :laugh2: It's really late and i'm just messin.
  6. lane

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    i'm sorry i can't provide stats... i don't get to see much of hall .......heard he is pretty good though.

    i can tell you this......

    t- new will be in the hall of fame one day.

    barring injury of course.
  7. DBoys

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    I will say this TNew is a more complete player than Deion ever was.
  8. EastDallasCowboy

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    Congratulations on finding yourself here.

    Welcome to the internet.

    Believe it or not, a simple google search (or even better a refrence.com search) will yield you all the information you seek.

    And won't waste our time.
  9. Dawgs0916

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    Wow, way to be a dick about it.
  10. the kid 05

    the kid 05 Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds

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    well now i can compare this guy to young buck

    its like buttburgers to filet mignon

    EDC being the butt burger and young being the filet mignon...

    mean...and nice...

    get the point yet?
  11. Crown Royal

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    We have a message board so that we can discuss players like this. No one on this board should be restricted for asking about information on Cowboys players.
  12. SupermanXx

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    heheh :) good post man
  13. FRDRCK

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    i cant find these stats with a google search, and really guys im not trying to start a conversation on whose better, i just wanna know the stats
  14. dbair1967

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    search our forum...they've been posted a few times...Adam usually has these numbers and as I recall the numbers were overwhelmingly in Newman's favor

    ultimately Hall is more flamboyant on the field (such as last night in a meaningless preseason game, he celebrated as if he'd just won the super bowl after making a tackle) but Newman is a far better cover CB and a better tackler as well

  15. Shuttemdown41

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    DeWare94, he's my favorite player so I thought I'd help you out a bit. Did a little digging and came up with these 3 threads that should help you out, especially the 3rd one, a part of which I'll quote here.

    Tnew, Henry Gettin Some Love:

    Do We Overrate Newman?:

    The Dirty Dozen Series - Cornerbacks:

    Here's the quote from AdamJT13:

    "By my count, Newman's final stats were 30 catches allowed out of 70 attempts (42.9 percent) for 320 yards and no touchdowns. He was never penalized for pass interference or illegal contact.

    During the final six games, Newman allowed five catches out of 20 attempts (25.0 percent) for 56 yards -- which is 0.83 catches for 9.33 yards per game. During that stretch, he faced receivers such as Steve Smith (Pro Bowl), Torry Holt (Pro Bowl), Rod Smith (Pro Bowl), Santana Moss (Pro Bowl), Plaxico Burress (1,200 yards), Amani Toomer and Isaac Bruce, and they COMBINED for two catches for 11 yards against him."
  16. Reed

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    Thats insane email that to espn and foxsports
  17. cowboys19

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    lets see if he can play like this for a few seasons before we start comparing him to Deion
  18. FRDRCK

    FRDRCK DeWare94

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    thanks a lot man

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