Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller has a reputation as a player and a plaintiff.

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    Before playing a down in the National Football League, former Texas A&M linebacker Von Miller has built a wide-ranging reputation.

    Enlarge photo Jim Mone, AP Von Miller, left, a Texas A&M football player who plans to enter the NFL draft, and San Diego Chargers' Vincent Jackson head toward a bus outside the federal courthouse after a hearing Wednesday, April 6, 2011, in St Paul, Minn. A group of players is asking a judge to issue a preliminary injunction on the lockout the owners imposed after talks on a new collective bargaining agreement broke off three weeks ago.

    .Miller is a plaintiff in the lawsuit seeking an injunction to block the NFL's lockout. Miller's name is listed on court documents next to New England quarterback Tom Brady, Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning, New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees and six other NFL players. His interest is to block a possible rookie wage scale.

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