Texas Offers 8th Grader Dylan Moses

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    The University of Texas has changed it's recruiting tactics a great deal in the last two years. Things that would never have been done in the past, such as offering a Middle School kid a scholarship is now a reality. For the 1st time in the history of the school, UT has done this. A common practice in SEC and the PAC12 schools for some time, Texas has joined in on the practice. Can't say I love this but I also don't know what else you do if the NCAA is not going to protect these young people. Just poor practice IMO but my opinion means nothing.

    Apparently, this is the young man. Dylan Moses is a 6'1" 215 lbs RB/DB from Baton Rouge La. He apparently runs a 4.46 40 and has a 34" Vert right now.


    Her is a Vid of the youngster.


    Clearly, the young man is very talented but, how in the world can this youngster have any chance, at all, of having a normal life? The entire process will ruin him IMO. I guess we'll see. I just feel like this is completely wrong. These children should be protected but they won't be because that will not make money for the NCAA.
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    Eighth grade? He looks 30!
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    I agree! Oldest looking 8th grader alive!
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    Some of those kids are just falling on the ground because they're scared.
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    Bama and LSU have also offered.

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    Bama, LSU, Ole Miss, Fla., FSU, UCLA and Nebraska have all offered prior to Texas' offer.

    Scouting Services are saying that right now, in the 2013 Class, Moses would be ranked as the 3rd best RB prospect in the Class. That's ridiculous to me.
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    what is this kid eating?????:eek:

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    If you watch his highlight reel, you'll see that it is other kids.
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    2:14 may be one of the funnier things I've ever seen :laugh2:
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    Agreed. That poor little kid gets destroyed:laugh2:
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    lmao, I laughed really hard at that.

    I'm not really that impressed, he is so much larger than everyone else. I'll wait until he plays with kids his same size at the High School level and see how he runs. Most of the long runs are big holes with tiny kids trying to arm tackle him bc he is so much bigger than they are.
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    It's funny to see but also kind of scary. He didn't even really put a lot of effort into it and sent the kid flying. I could see a situation in which he hurts a kid even though he's not even giving him the best shot. Not only would it suck for the kid he hurt but it would suck for him. Everyone would likely point the finger at him and he'd ultimately end up feeling a sense of responsibility over someone getting hurt when he was deliberately trying to let up.

    Watching the video reminds of the create-a-player characters I made in video games because he's that much bigger than everyone else.

    My RB or QB would be like 6'10'', 300 lbs and run a 4.4

    Just running over anything and everything.

    I'm surprised it doesn't look like they have weight classes. When I was in 8th grade they had the lightweights and the heavyweights. I was like 5 lbs over the limit (115 lbs) for lightweights when we weighed in, I can guarantee I was at least 5 lbs under the limit at the first game and I got lifted a few times. Meanwhile, friends of mine on the lightweights who were just a little lighter than me and were at the top of the lightweight limit were doing the exact same thing to kids they were playing against.
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    In reality, Texas, Alabama, LSU and any other school that have made him an offers will wait, too. These are non-binding offers. When he gets into high school and doesn't show much at that level, those offers will suddenly mean nothing.
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    Imma need to see that birth certificate.
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    :laugh2: u beat me 2 it.
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    I know he's just in middle school, but he doesn't look all that fast to me. He looks like he might have slightly better than average high school speed, but just happens to be in 8th grade.

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    He's been clocked at 4:45 so he does have some speed for his size.
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    Well, nevermind then. I guess it's just that he's so big. :)

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