Texas Rangers fan will finally give foul ball to little kid

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by TruBlueCowboy, Jun 17, 2004.

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    I don't know if anyone saw the video for this but it even made ESPN. A little kid (maybe 5 or 6 years old) is about to grab a foul ball and this big 30 something man jumps down and forces the kid out of the way and grabs the foul ball for himself. He was booed by the hometown fans and the play-by-play men really called him out. There's been a happy ending though for the kid.

    Fan will play fair, give boy foul ball
    Media heat prompts change-up in attitude for Sachse man

    11:25 PM CDT on Wednesday, June 16, 2004
    By SCOTT FARWELL / The Dallas Morning News

    In the end, Matt Starr decided to play ball.

    The Texas Rangers' most maligned fan, who belly-flopped over a 4-year-old to shag a foul ball Sunday afternoon, promised Wednesday to mail the poisoned prize, a letter of apology and an undisclosed number of game tickets to the Plano family on the receiving end of his enthusiasm.

    "He doesn't want any more publicity about this," said Gregg Elkin, spokesman for the baseball team. "He's hoping this will bring some sort of closure."

    Mr. Starr notified the Rangers of his goodwill gesture Wednesday, and a representative for the team contacted the O'Brien family – young Nick and his parents, Jeff and Edie – in New York City, where they were on deck for a possible morning appearance on Good Morning America.

    Mr. Starr's refusal to give Nick the ball drew blistering commentary Sunday from Rangers TV announcer Tom Grieve – and national attention afterward. On Wednesday, friends continued to defend Mr. Starr, a Sachse resident.

    "I've known Matt for seven or eight years, and he is without exception the greatest baseball fan that I know. He could tell you anything about baseball," said Hadley Baker of Garland, who added that he and Mr. Starr ministered to children at Sachse Assembly of God. "Kids were our whole lives."

    He said Mr. Starr had retreated from what he called the media's hyped and hysterical coverage.

    "They're just making way too much out of it," Mr. Baker said. "It's completely ludicrous. They need someone to stand up for him."

    One of Mr. Starr's neighbors, Kendra Stout, said she was upset by what her children watched an adult neighbor do on national television.

    "Any adult with the right mind would have handed [the ball] over," Ms. Stout said. "He's probably learned a sad lesson."
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    I dont know if you saw the video but the kid never even saw the ball. The guy just fall over the seats and tapped the kid with his foot, then the mom hit him with the cardboard. I really dont know what the big deal was.
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    The poor kid was trying to find the ball which was at his feet and that man practically belly flopped on the kid to get it first. I don't see how you can think there was nothing wrong about this. Autographs and foul balls all for kids. He should have let the kid get the ball.
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    The ball was at the mother's feet and the kid was two or three seats over and it didnt look like the kid even saw the ball. I still think he should have given the kid the ball for squishing him against the seats, but I dont think he took it away from him.
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    I agree. The kid was looking at the in field and the guy jumpover the seats, lost his balance and his foot touched the kid. The kid got a lot of stuff without even noticing the ball, or getting hurt. Now that guy is texas enemy #1
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    IM honorable opinion society has bowed lower yet again and most of you are too brain washed to see the difference.

    What they did to the fan was sorry as Hell, the guy just got a little too excited when going for the ball and the parents along with alot of other sorry asss spoiled people made a mockery of an innocent man.

    I feel for the man who went for the ball not the spoiled kid and parents along with a rancidly spoiled media and the brainwashed.

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