TFY Draft Podcast – Version 9.0

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    TFY Draft Podcast – Version 9.0
    Note enjoy those that like draft talk; Use the link to listen to the draft talk version;

    Taking a bite out of the Big 12!

    After a draft class featuring five of the top six athletes selected from this particular conference, talent depravity is sure to set in…or will it?

    Listen as Host Brent Sobleski and TFY Founder Tony Pauline continue their preseason “Conference Calls” breaking down the top prospects from each team one last time before the Big 12 no longer exists in its current incarnation.

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Our next show will feature special guest co-host, ADAM CAPLAN, of Sirius Radio and fame. Make sure to pass along any and all questions pertaining to NFL rookies you may have for Adam via the podcast’s email address!

    If any other lingering questions and comments are also present, they can be also directed to as we continue the conference calls as the summer months wind down.

    As per usual…join the conversation in the site’s FORUMS.

    And make sure to listen to all previous incarnations of the podcast to keep updated on talent originating from the Big East, MAC, Big Ten, ACC, and the SEC.
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    Thanks Joe. I appreciate your effort. I've added the site to iTunes and I'll listen to this later....
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    yw buddy, but due to what reality has said, about content, websites, etc, i wont be posting for awhile till i get ok from Reality or Hostile or someone to what I can post and not post, with their links etc...

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