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    ’11 NFL Draft: Scouting LSU

    Senior Terrance Toliver is a nice sized possession wide out for the next level. A tall target, Tolliver gets vertical over defenders to grab the ball, easily adjusts to the errant throw and effectively makes the over the shoulder reception downfield. Toliver uses his frame to shield away opponents and shows strength running after the catch.

    Tackle Joseph Barksdale was a prospect we liked off the ’08 film yet a player that took a step backwards in our eye last season. He’s a well built lineman that gets movement run blocking, bends his knees and keeps his feet moving throughout the action. Stout at the point, he jolts opponents with terrific hand punch.

    Cornerback Patrick Peterson is well thought of by many, and for good reasons. Very athletic, he’s quick flipping his hips transitioning to run with opponents, is physical and bumps with receivers throughout the route. Peterson has a nice break to the throw and good hands for the interception. Aggressive, he defeats blocks to get up the field and make plays against screen passes or the run.

    Linebacker Kelvin Sheppard is a senior prospect we like. He displays terrific sideline to sideline range, scrapes well laterally and is fluid moving in reverse. Sheppard breaks down well, holds his ground against blocks and shows a good head for the ball. He’s really not forceful up the field on the blitz and does get caught up in the wash at times but has starting potential in the NFL.

    Lazarius Levingston is an underrated lineman who’ll be downgraded because of marginal size (6’ 3.5”/280lbs). Despite that Levingston is very impressive on film. Athletic, he can drop off the line then play in space on zone blitzes. Fluid, he displays solid speed in every direction and works his hands to get off blocks. Levingston is easily controlled at the point by single blocker but can play in a variety of one-gap systems.
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    what I would give for Patrick peterson...
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    If he's available when the Cowboys pick, then they've had a very bad season.

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