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    ’11 NFL Draft: Scouting USC
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    Flags went up when Pete Carroll moved back to the NFL to run the show for the Seattle Seahawks. The hammer of the NCAA soon came down harshly on USC after serious violations. There also will be a major drop-off in talent on the field this season, something which will be felt in NFL war rooms next April.
    Junior tackle Tyron Smith is our highest rated prospect on the Trojans offense. Smith plays with terrific fundamentals, shows the ability to effectively redirect to linebackers on the second level and seal them from the action. He effectively adjusts to pass rushers from his left tackle spot and knocks them from their angle of attack with good hand punch. He’s a developing player with a nice upside.

    Kristofer O’Dowd is a heady center who works well with teammates and effectively quarterbacks the offensive line. O’Dowd blocks with terrific leverage, immediately gets his hands into defenders and shows a tremendous amount of quickness in his game. O’Dowd is really not a guy that moves defenders off the middle of the line and is not a prospect with a great upside.

    Early in his USC career Butch Lewis was a prospect we were high on but the offensive lineman watched his game regress last season. Formerly the teams starting tackle, Lewis was relegated to backing up at guard last season. He plays with nice lean, quickly gets off the line into blocks and looks for someone to hit. Lewis shows solid strength at the point but lacks playing balance which hurts his ability to finish blocks. He must quickly revert to the form he showed as a freshman then sophomore to have any chance of getting drafted and our grade is based on the promise he once showed.

    Stanley Havili is a favorite of many and a triple threat fullback effective as a lead blocker, ball carrier and pass catcher. He shows good vision in his overall game, creates space for ball carriers and easily adjusts to linebackers on the second level. Havili gives effort but lacks blocking bulk and power.
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    When watching USC center Kristofer O’Dowd you just want more from the guy in all areas of the game. You can tell he’s a pretty good athlete by the way he quickly gets out of his stance and can seal in the run game. However, the biggest knock I saw from him on Thursday night was his inability to keep his base down and play with leverage in both the run and pass game. Too often he allowed defenders to get under his frame in pass protection, gain a step, and he didn’t exhibit the type of lateral agility to slide his feet and mirror through contact. Then, in the run game, he does quickly snap and step, but he gets too high into blocks and tries of overcompensate by getting his hands under the pad level of defenders. But too often they are too low, which takes away from his power through the play. Now, he can get his feet around and seal inside and does like to finish blocks

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