TFYDraft: Draft Notes Day One (Cowboys Mentioned)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 28, 2011.

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    NFL Draft Notes: Day One 28Apr
    After eleven months of scouting film, making phone calls and general stressing out- besides the Shrine Game, Senior Bowl, Combine and Pro-Day Workouts, draft day has finally arrived. We’ll be updating this page over the next three days and posting on Twitter as information comes in. 4-28/1PM: Vikings, Cowboys & Jets

    - The ninth pick of the draft is the one in play as we alluded to the past month and the Dallas Cowboys will do all they can to move the choice. The big suitors right now are the St Louis Rams, if receiver Julio Jones is available, or the Miami Dolphins, if one of the quarterbacks slides. Sources have told us Miami would part with 2012 picks if necessary to move up for the quarterback. Dallas would then trade down and, in all likely hood, take an offensive lineman. The name of Gabe Carimi has been mentioned the past two months but lately the name of Nate Solder has also entered the conversation. The Cowboys plans include picking up a veteran tackle when free agency begins.

    Drats; can someone fix title for me, should read TFYDraft: Draft Notes Day One (Cowboys Mentioned)
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    I like the scenario of moving down to the Miami pick. We could probably still pick up one of the 2-3 players we were targeting.
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    Me too, thats kinda what norm was discussing, could still get one of 4 players
    OT Castanzo or OT Smith, or DE Jordan or DE Watt

    while getting a 2nd or 3rd :starspin
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    i would love to take pouncey at the 15 spot if we are going tackle in FA. That way if we cannot resign kosier or if we get him up to speed than we can get rid of leonard davis sorry ***.

    Pouncey can offer some versatility (if he works on his center snaps). Then we could possible move Andre G. to guard (i know he sucked before but I think he could play guard I mean come on he was a probowl center. Guard is easier than center especially since he doesn't have to make the line calls or snapping the ball when he isn't suppose to lol.
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    I keep going over the tape of Castanzo and Smith. Castanzo was mistreated by Robert Quinn and Smith did not look over powering vs Org st. I think both are good but still feel Carimi is the right guy. He plays with power and moves people off the line.
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    To make it work with this years draft picks, it would be Cowboys 1st for Dolphins 1st, 3rd, and 4th round picks.

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