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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Ceasaleo88, Mar 6, 2009.

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    2 (51). Patrick Chung SS - 5'11 212 Oregon
    Hopefully with the Scandrick move and this pick up, we have ended our Safety problems for some years to come.

    3 (69). Mike Wallace WR - 6' 189 Ole Miss
    Burner, who is a developing route runner. Good hands, and return man potential.

    4 (97). Dorell Scott DT - 6'3 312 Clemson
    Big athletic DT to plug up middle AND collapse the pocket. Didn't know he performed as well at the combines as he did. sub 5.0 40and represent well in his reps.

    4 (113). Scott McKillop ILB - 6'1 244 Pitt
    I like this guy a lot, and we might have to trade up into the 4th to get him. He reminds me a lot of the ILB that we just signed Brookings coming out college. Can go sideline to sideline, good in coverage, good instincts.

    5 (148). Joe Burnett CB/S - 5'10 192 UCF
    I can't see him lasting this long but if he does I hope on it. He can take Scandrick's place at CB in the depth chart, and groom him into a nice 3rd CB/nickelback

    5(comp). Cornelius Lewis OG 6'4 324 Tenn St. Univ
    big power blocker from small school. Has a nasty streak.

    6 (184). Nathan Brown QB 6'1 219 Central Arkansas
    6-1 219, A lot of people are stuck on his size being only 6-1, but I see a winner. He can make all the throws, and is accurate. He's mobile, and throws on the run well. Smart QB, reads Defenses well.

    6 (comp). Philip Hunt DE / OLB 6'1 261 Houson
    If we cut Greg Ellis (hopefully) then we'll need some depth behind Spencer and Ware. Even if a vet isn't brought in, this guy may be able to do the job. He's got a high motor, nice explosiveness, and long arms. He's got good strength and speed. My only concern is how he is in space.

    7 (193). Ramon Foster OL 6'5 338 Tennessee
    good leader, can play inside at G or outside at T, big man

    7 (210). Roy Miller DT 6'1 310 Texas
    6-1 310, doesn't hurt to add a fireplug for depth behind big ole Brace. This guys has a high motor, is super strong, and might be one of those "trash cans of dirt" that Parcells' talked about. Doesn't get push around inside and can hold up against double team.

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    I like the picks in regards to where you have the positions being picked and some great choices. My only concern is DE. Hopefully we sign Igor. If we do, here what I see

    2 (51). Patrick Chung SS - 5'11 212 Oregon

    3 (69). Juaquin Iglesias, WR Oklahoma or top WR

    4 (97). Chris Baker NT Hampton

    4 (113). Scott McKillop ILB - 6'1 244 Pitt

    5 (148). Joe Burnett CB/S - 5'10 192 UCF

    (Missing) 5 (Tenn) Philip Hunt DE / OLB 6'1 261 Houson

    5(comp). Cary Harris, CB USC

    6 (184). Louis Vasquez OG Texas Tech

    6 (comp). Dallas Reynolds, BYU

    7 (193). Ramon Foster OL 6'5 338 Tennessee

    7 (210). Roy Miller DT 6'1 310 Texas
  3. irvin4evs

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    I don't see Chung, Scott or McKillop falling that far.
  4. VACowboy

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    Love Dallas Reynolds and Roy Miller.
  5. ghst187

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    Like the Chung pick, would be just as happy with Rashad or Sean Smith. I think they will all be pretty good. I'd prefer Rashad as he seems like a cerebral player at a cerebral position but I'm not sure about a rookie at FS with our vet at SS.
    LOVE the Mike Wallace pick! I'd consider the small fast WR from Penn St in later rounds if we miss out on Wallace. We absolutely need some speed at WR and I'm not sold on Austin.
    LOVE the McKillop pick! Would also consider Darry Beckwith.
    I'd add Sammie Lee Hill, although I'm afraid he'll go higher than most think as he is a 3-4 NT and there are too many teams in the market now
    I'd also add Ramses Barden, esp if he's around early day 2.
    I'd add Zack Follett if he's around mid-day 2.
    I'd take Rhett Bomar for the QB pick early on day 2, if he lasts that long, or Stephen McGee late day 2 or UFA.
    I like the Ramon Foster pick alot, I'd also consider OT Garrett Reynolds.
    I also like the Roy Miller pick. I might also consider OG Dockery.

    I know Roy wasn't meeting his salary performance standards but I did not like the hole it left by cutting him. The S position went from a nice-to-have to a must-have in the draft. We probably need a few OL but we also need probably 2 LBs, 1 QB, and possibly 2 DBs. I know Henry wasn't an all-pro but seemed dumb to let him walk, we finally had decent depth at the position, now we need to draft another CB...again! The Igor signing was imperative but we may still need a DT also and I hate to use our first pick on a DT, esp if Rashad, Smith, Delmas, or Chung are available.
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    Lance Zeirlein's blog in the Houston Chronicle today opines that Dorell Scott will be drafted in the third and maybe even in the second. If he's good we should probaly take him with our first (51) or second pick (69). Lance is usually pretty accurate and always well connected.
  7. Woods

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    I'm wondering if C Baker is on our draft board?

    I was reading up on him, and it looks like he got kicked out of PSU program (I think it was that one, at least) for a couple of fights and stuff like that.

    I was pretty disappointed when I read that because I thought his measureables and production were good for the DL.

    I like the Roy Miller pick a lot.

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