Thank you Dodge!!! (er, Fiat?)

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    This letter is to inform you that the warranty period (3 years / 36k miles) on your vehicle's 19 gallon fuel tank has been extended to lifetime coverage. This extended fuel tank warranty coverage applied to select model year 2005-2006 Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Dodge Magnum vehicles. Our records show that you either own or lease one of these vehicles affected by this extended warranty.
    now why does this make me giggle and smile? well, these cars had developed a pretty serious problem that if you filled up the gas tank (not topped off, just filled it up) and put the cap back on, as many people do, the car would idle rough and simply stall while driving. one time i filled up on the way home and went in to get me a slurpee. (love those things!) when i came out the car was full and it also shut off. odd, i ponder. so i start it up and get back on the toll road and sputter sputter, die. thankfully i was able to get it onto the shoulder as it was sputtering. i started it up, waited, rough idle, die. i finally limped it home just having to keep my foot on the gas and the next day it was fine.

    filled up a few weeks later and headed to the car wash. bad idea. died several times while waiting in line and just glad it was in neutral in case it died again. it was one of those cool washers that pushes your vehicle through. i got home, looked it up and saw it was a common problem on these vehicles. only solutions were to:

    1. spend $1k+ at the dealership to get it fixed. (the fuel shut off float would stick and they put it *inside* the tank
    2. not put the cap back on or leave it very loose (don't like that idea)
    3. just not fill it up all the way.

    been going w/option 3 for awhile now but good to know i can now take it in and just get it fixed, on chrysler.

    maybe a sneaky way to avoid the RECALL word, but i'll take it.
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    Glad you'll get it fixed for free. I wonder if an aftermarket vented cap would have fixed your problem
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    nope. if it were that easy chrysler would have just given the vented caps. the only solutions i found online in major magnum forums was replace tank.

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