Thank You Jay Ratliff!

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    [SIZE=+0]Jay was the Ultimate Football Warrior. The Classic Over-Achiever who came in as a 7th Round and became a Pro-Bowler. He was undersized for Nose-Tackle but he always gave 100%. Jay will be missed and it a shame that his Cowboy career ended this way. I hope all the best for Jay and his future.[/SIZE]
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    People soured on him toward the end, but the guy gave everything he had and wore his body down at a position that pretty much no one wanted him in, anyway.

    I'm sure he didn't want to be the guy fighting against double teams week after week, but he did and gave us some really good years.

    He was a warrior the majority of his career.

    Cheers, Ratliff.
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    Yea I appreciate his great career. I don't know what happened. I don't know if he couldn't deal with the injuries or what went wrong. Jerry paid him when he was being severely underpaid and to thank him and this organization by becoming a whiney oversized brat? Didn't see it coming. Not from Ratliff. He was the last player I expected this from.

    BUt when he was healthy he was one of the most dominant defensive lineman i've ever seen in this organization.(I'm mid 20's btw....) You won't find a linemen with a better skillset.
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    Yah thank you Jay for everything you did to help this team on Sundays. Going to miss the intensity that #90 brought to the field.
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    So wait...

    6 years of being THE guy to take on double teams as a 40lb under-weight NT, wearing down once he turned 30 = quitting?

    Seems like people forget that LAST year was the first year any of these problems started to arise... ya know, when he turned 31 (around the same time everyone else starts to wear down).

    Don't blame Jay. Blame the front office that paid him too late.
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    The man simply got worn down from playing a position he was too small for. Jay Ratliff is not and was not a prototypical nose tackle, but he gave us some good years at the position and it eventually took it's toll on him.

    The 4-3 that we are playing now would be the ideal situation for him to showcase his talents, but it's too late now. His body just can't keep up anymore.

    It's either that or he is, in fact, a lazy person that just wanted to get paid. Hopefully we'll know for sure one of these days.
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    This might not have anything to do with it, but Ratliff hasn't been the same since his grandparents died in that fire. He was still healthy after that, but he just didn't seem the same to me. In any event, I wish him well in life.

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    There is more to the Ratliff story then meets the eye. Until the whole truth comes out about his injuries I suggest we do not call him a quitter. Our zoners are crazy. We respect an under-achieve like Hatcher who finally puts together a few decent years and you throw Jay under the bus for playing his butt off every game. He was the most intense player on the field in every game he played. It is a shame that our current Defense does not have him available because he surely would have been our Defense Leader this year.
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    If it's not clear then why assume the worst?

    The guy was a 7th rounder, worked his way to the top, and was visibly the guy with the most heart on the field at times.

    Even with all the trouble, do you really think this guy just quit?

    The guy was an emotional guy, and to me, the things you've listed sound like depression. Not laziness.
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    I agree he has emotional problems. I feel bad for him that they derailed his career here. Doesn't that suggest he's at fault in some way, though?
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    Well what do you think he was going to say? "I can't keep this up much longer. I'd like to play DE"?

    I played some ball in juco. My best friend on the team was a DT but he looked like a TE... very undersized. He never complained about being a DT, never requested to be moved over to DE either. But he wasn't happy there because the guy was just getting completely worn down doing dirty work and had no room to shine.

    The only reason I knew that is because he was my friend, and he, myself and some other guys would hit the bars together after the season. Get a few drinks in him and the truth would come out.
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    Maybe? I don't think the guy is out of football because he couldn't handle it emotionally. I think he couldn't handle it physically any longer and he's just an emotional guy that led to a few of those other things.
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    Thanks Rat you were a Beast when healthy.
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    Best of luck, Rat. Hopefully you can fully recover from your injuries.
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    Why are you guys saying he's a quitter? If Jerry rushed him back into football while being injured, it's his own ******* fault.

    Thanks for all the years Jay Rat!

    Jay Ratliff - DL - Free Agent
    Free agent DT Jay Ratliff is not expected to play this season.

    Ratliff's agent, Mark Slough, confirmed as much on a conference call with the media. Ratliff underwent sports hernia surgery last season then came to training camp and suffered a setback. He plans to return to football in 2014.
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    Jay, I was one of those clamoring for a bigger run-stuffing NT to anchor the 3-4. Sometimes you proved my desire ill-founded. I appreciate those times and the fact that you rose from a draft afterthought to one of the best DL's in the game. Wish it could have lasted longer but, alas, it wasn't meant to be. Farewell.
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    Jay Ratliff getting cut just means cowboys are finally going to draft Dline in early rounds. Jerry won't justify ignoring Dline by saying Ratliff is still in roster.
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    I am and will always be a fan of Jay Ratliff, the football player. He gave it his all on the field. I loved his leadership and his intensity which he brought to every game, every series, every down, while he could. His teammates loved him for good reason. The Cowboys could have used him, and he will be missed.

    Good luck and good health to him on his future endeavors, Rat will always represent the best of this decade's Cowboys in my mind.
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    When Ratliff played, he did his best. Now, he's moving on. Sometimes bad situations are best left behind. It's good for the chemistry to not have to know what your teammate is going to do. It was distraction that is not needed for the team.

    But, it's all good for Ratliff and the Dallas Cowboys. He sure as hell helped this team when he did play. I will miss the big guy. And...wish him good luck.
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    This is a positive thank you thread.

    Please save your bashing for the other thread.

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