Thanks alot Jerry Jones for axing Norv Turner coming to Dallas, while Jason Garrett wanted him

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 16, 2014.

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    are you not entertained?
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    We are never going to be a winning team again until the leader of this organization understands how to lead his followers.

    The news of all of this has given me a poor outlook on this franchise and Jerry has no clue what he is doing. The results of these past teams have been a product of Jerry's style of poor management and even if we get a good HC, (i.e. - Parcells) Jerry is going to find a way to run him out of town.

    The problem lies with Jerry and it's not going to get better until he understands that his method doesn't work - at that my fellow fans is a day that may never come under his watch.

    (stepping of my soapbox)
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    Take a gander at this article back when Callahan was hired.

    It will open your eyes on the whole play-calling situation even though many here have ignored this over and over again.
    I won't name names. We all know them already.

    Garrett was looking towards this and forward to this from the beginning.
    Does that snake deeper into the Jones/Garrett relationship for you?
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    I can understand this.

    Jones's in his mind probably feels he needs to stop paying for fixes when he may need a complete redo in everything.

    Turner would probably want something more than just a job.

    Like the deal he did with Garrett to take over from Phillips..

    ..since Norvel before thought he had a shot at a job back when Jones hired Phillips instead.

    So brining in Norvel virtually limits Jerrahs options and makes big money to pay BOTH Garrett and Norvel to do the same job.

    The whole point of bring in Garrett in the first place was done for the OC and then the HC.

    Remember guys?
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  5. Alexander

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    Apparently you need to hear his Love Field story again.
  6. Corso

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    Any way you could send me a link to it?
    I tried to look it up and I found all sorts of stuff that seemingly doesn't pertain to the conversation at hand.
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    I'm not saying theebs is wrong, in fact I think he's right, but it's pretty sad that the most valuable NFL franchise, the leader in merchandise sales and revenue, is worried about having to pay for assistant coaches.

    What happened to Jerry wants to win soooooo badly?

    The guy is a fraud at every level.
  8. Pokeness

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    Jerry only wants to win sooooo badly doing it his way.
  9. FuzzyLumpkins

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    You mean the story about how he lamented the Marco Rivera signing so much that he signed Leonard Davis to the highest AAV for a guard at that time a few years later?

    There have been a couple of times where we have gone short like after we cut Gurode and Davis and Hamlin and Barber or during the Campo regime after cutting Aikman and Sanders and Smith. I really wish that he would be a tad more thrifty in his approach unfortunately I have no indication that would be the case because most recently he paid Carr $10m AAV.

    Quite frankly there is zero evidence about him being unwilling to spend money and a whole mountain of evidence where he is more than willing to spend too much money even when he has a budget. Yet for some reason with coaches where there is no cap, he is a spend thrift?

    And on the basis of a speech he gave at an airport? Nevermind that you are taking him at his word, look to his actions. They speak much louder.
  10. FuzzyLumpkins

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    And lets also keep in mind that two off seasons removed from this one there was this same crowd that said that because Jones invested heavily into Cowboys Stadium they were not going to be willing to spend any money in FA. Then they offered $13m AAV to Asomougha and were outbid to $14m by Philly.

    I really wish that Jerry Jones would be much less of an impulse shopper but it is what it is. I have a tremendous amount of respect for theebs but absent emotion, I have no basis to believe that Jerry Jones is unwilling to make a move because it would cost more money.
  11. cowboyvic

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    The past is all we cowboys fan have right now. have you seen the last 17 years with 1 playoff win?keep buying those tickets. he loves fans like you.
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    I'm loving all this cockeyed optimism that somehow bringing in a whole new set of coaches would solve anything,,, lmao. Have the past 17 years taught you nothing?
    Unless it's some heavyweight coach that can tell Jerry to back off then NOTHING changes, and even then it's only a matter of time until Jerry chases them off...
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  13. big dog cowboy

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    The Garrett learning course may be coming to a close. Perhaps JJ doesn't want to spend money on assistant coaches that the new HC (oh I'm sorry, I mean Jerry) is going to fire. After all, we may be looking at a playoff win or clean house situation very soon.
  14. cowboyvic

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    It's to late. even if he get's fired after next year, it won't matter. the main core of this team is to old and finished.(Ware,Witten and Romo) wasted the last 4 and one half years with Garrett. thanks to Jerry Jones.
  15. Floaty

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    It's all a smoke screen. Garrett tells the media what Jerry wants to hear...and then does his own thing. Garrett never wanted to give up his baby(play calling). Jerry back doors Garrett in a power move....when he sees he is losing control. I can totally see a scenario this year where Garrett threatens to quit if Jerry doesn't give him what he wants...and Jerry just throws his hands up in the air and fires Garrett....just like he did with Phillips.

    Why a coach with any credibility would come here is beyond me. In fact I'd put money on it Turner didn't want to come here because of that famous incident "no toast to Jerry"@ the restaurant back in the 90's. That bridge has been burned.
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    Implode, get the first pick, draft Winston.
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    The problem isn't Jerry not wanting to hire Norv. Why the heck should he hire a coach for one year when he's about to clean house? That is dumb. Jerry is right.

    The problem is-Jerry knows Garrett sucks and should have canned him and the rest of the staff this offseason.
  18. GloryDaysRBack

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    This would be awesome.
  19. tyke1doe

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    And this is why the Cowboys won't sniff a Super Bowl for some time.
    BTW, time to change my signature.
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    I wonder, if that famous "no toast " had never happened would Jerry be so hell bent on proving to everyone that he can successfully manage an NFL football team and that he was a big part of the 90s success? Probably not. So if Jimmy's ego had just allowed the Owner to enjoy his delusions then we would have been spared this ongoing agony,,,

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