Thanksgiving Day memories

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by WilmingtonHeel, Nov 23, 2005.

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    :clap2: Good post.
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    Morning Yeag........Happy Thanksgiving
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    Good list here.
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    Morning Pops and same to you.....take it easy on the pea salad ;)
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    93 against the Dolphins.
    94 when Garrett tore it up against the Packers.
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    Aaaaah memories. It's amazing how a sport can evoke so many memories and emotions that really become a part of one's life. Here's to creating new ones today... Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the 1990 win over Washington...I really thought that was a turning point kind of game for the franchise, and had Aikman not been injured early in the 15th game of the season at Philly I am convinced we'd have made the playoffs that yr

    Aikman had a solid day and Jay Novacek kinda let everyone know that day that he was going to be a very good TE for us...Michael Irvin caught a TD and Emmitt ran wild, including a classic 48 yd or so TD to ice the win 27-17

    the 94 win over GB was amazing because we had 3rd string nobody Jason Garrett going at QB against a hot GB team, and virtualy everyone said we had no chance to win...Michael Irvin was playing on the torn quad and had a big day, as did Alvin Harper...

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    The Mad Bombers defeat of the redskins is the best ever.

    Worst? Leon Lett and ice game.

    The last few years have been depressing, most noteably, the Dolphins game wher our secondary made Jay Fiedler look like Joe Montano. Any game where Randy moss was on the field.

    Hopefully last years game with Juluis breakout game is a sign of better memories to come!
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    1974 beating Washington on the come from behind victory!
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    The 87 OT loss to the Vikings was a very good game. Dallas twice came back from 14 point deficits to tie.

    2002 against the Redskins was memorable for Emmitt's last big game as a Cowboy.

    1979 was a devastating loss, and having my Redskin fan cousins cheering on the Oilers did not help. I got them back in 1990 however.
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    That has to be numero uno. I still remember it like it was yesterday. And a friend of mine who is a Skins fan, (I know, I need to pick better friends) said he feels the same way about it but for obviously different reasons. LOL! I hate the Skins.
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    Yeah that Redskins game (90) was a good one. Emmitt had that mad spin and outraced every skin to the endzone. My pops was a skins fan at the time I rubbed it in very good that day.
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    One of my favorite T-Day memories was when both teams were pretty bad. The '02 Cowboys vs. the '02 Skins. Great to see a rejuvenated Emmitt for the last time, thrashing the Skins defense. La'Roi Glover dominated the game. Roy Williams breaks the kickers nose and scores a TD.

    My favorite part of the game was watching it with my old man who only follows Syracuse sports (we're from Syracuse). He hardly knows anything outside of the Big East, and knows very little about the NFL.

    Anyway, he asks me "Didn't that Spurrier coach at Florida?"

    "Yes" I replied.

    And you could see the wheels turning in my old man's head.

    "Isn't he supposed to be some offensive genius?" he asked

    "Well, that's what say." I replied again.

    Then Spurrier calls a reverse on 3rd and 1 in Dallas territory. Glover kills the reverse and it takes the Skins out of field goal position.

    "Well, I think he's a jackass" said my dad.

    Good times....good times.

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    I cited it on my list.
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    Bears vs. Lions I can't really remember the year but Barry Sanders played like a god that day...

    The rest were Cowboy memories...

    93' The Leon Lett Debacle was a memory that continues to stand out in my head very well... probably one of my first really true TG memories..

    94' Jason Garrett leading the Cowboys back from a deficit to beat the Packers.. great storyline and overall good game.. sorry to see him suck it up afterward though.

    97' vs. The Then Tennessee Oilers... that was a big game within my family as I can remember all the hatred towards the Oilers from my Houston family members.

    98' Randy Moss..

    2004 - was a big game for JJ and I watched it with my family after having not seen them for many months.
  16. bbgun

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    Honestly, the '84 to '88 games are a blur.

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