Thanksgiving game plan.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CliffnMesquite, Nov 23, 2005.

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    8Am. Turkey go's in oven.
    8am to 12pm. Nap.
    12:30ish Turkey comes out.
    1pm. Dressing go's in oven.
    2:30pm. Roll's,Green beans,yams,salad,cranberry sauce all set.
    2;30ish Dressing done.
    2:45pm. Carve turkey make plate.
    3pm. Pre game setteling in lazy-Boy with platter of food.

    Every one have a great and safe Thanksgiving! :starspin
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    You Too!!! Best Game Of The Year Coming Up!!!
  3. nathanlt

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    wake up when I can no longer sleep... anywhere from 8am to 9 am.
    9am... Falcons Lions game starts!!
    9 to 11 am

    Lounge around, probably do a Denver Dallas matchup on Madden 2005.

    11am, start getting ready for a get together with friends.

    Noon,... Food, Sledding, snowball fights, snow football. May catch bits of the game, but we will see how it goes!
    2:30 pm... contemplate TURDUCKEN.
    5 pm, arrive home, watch ENTIRE TiVo'd game at the house.
    7:30... Celebrate the victory, analyze the outcome.

    Saturday Sunday... eagerly await calico's cut and paste of the game.

    P.S. Don't freak out about the times, I live in Alaska now!!

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