The Battle of The Best- LT Vs. Emmitt Smith

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Nov 24, 2006.

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    from MrBiggz's SportingBlog

    LT's Race for the Rushing Touchdown Title is in his grasp and in the palm of his hand...And theres been lots of talk around the league and in everyones work, school and even at home. LT is he really the best Running Back ever to play the game? Well lets put it this way...Emmit Smith has the most Rushing records in the NFL now the question to ask yourself is this...Can LT pass these records? Well since this season alone is obviously going to go down as one of LTs greatest im going to compare LTs season with Emmit Smiths greatest season and let you decide who you Ultimately believe is the greatest Running Back of all time!!!

    Emmitt Smith- 1995 Most Touchdowns in a Season

    Week|Rushing YDs| TOUCHDOWNS
    11--------------100--------------1 = Total TDs to date: 16

    L.T's Amazing 06/07 Season to Date

    Week|Rushing YDs| TOUCHDOWNS

    Now what you have to realize is that already at Wk11 LT has passed the amount of TDs that the great Emmitt Smith had reached. Even with two games with big goose eggs in the TD colomn LT is has been able to produce game after game week after week...In my opinion i dont see how LT could not pass this record unless a injury occurs which holds him back. LT will be going up against the Raiders this comming week so expect a huge game and another huge game the week after when they go out Buffalo to face off! Even though the Rushing yards in a season record seems untouchable Emmitt Smith put up 1237 by week 11 in his amazing season while LT has put up a short 1037 which is why i believe that 1999 Hall of Fame Inductee Eric Dickerson's rushing yard record will be around for another year or two since this seasons top three are all under 1050 Rushing Yds at Wk11...

    So back on topic...LT is having an amazing season and i think you all get what im trying to say...Either he is just having one amazing season or the guy is gonna be the best Running Back ever to play the game of football now its up to you to let me know what you think? Is LT the best RB ever to run on the turf/grass or is he just having one of those seasons?
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    I think he's one of the best to play the game. Don't forget that he also plays a huge part in the passing game.
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    If he continues at this pace then the answer will probably be yes. If he breaks all Emmitt's records then definately yes and I have no problem admitting it. For an LT to come along and be as good as he is and break Emmitt's records takes nothing away from the enjoyment I had watching Emmitt play and win Super Bowls. It takes nothing away from Emmitt's career and the things he accomplished. LT reminds me of Emmitt only he has more speed and if he gets the all time rushing record, I will consider him the best of all time just like I consider Emmitt the best all around RB of all time at this point because he has the records, titles, and awards to prove it. LT has a long way to go but he will be deserving if he gets there!
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    It is so difficult to compare players that come from different offensive schemes. Emmitt was great and LT is proving he might be also.
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    Both players are all class. They both are humble, and are team players. Remember, LT's idol was Emmitt.

    If anyone breaks Emmitt's record, i hope it is LT.

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