The Big Ben Gardner Thread

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Teague31, May 10, 2014.

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    awesome, thanks Latin. excited about the additions to the DL. health and slight improvement and we have a legit shot at the playoffs.
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    He really said he's 277 right now? He weighed in at 262 at his pro day March 20th. Wonder what's with the weight fluctuation is about? J don't want him too big, 265-270 seems about right for him
  3. starfrombirth

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    YEah, he definately has the frame to pack on some muscle... I saw a good solid player with lots of hustle... non-stop motor with good strength and quickness but not elite in either.. huh figure that for a seventh rounder??? He is better than he was drafted tho and I could really see him passing a threshold and being something special.
  4. cmoney23

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    Called it in my Mock draft. Perfect scheme fit. Perfect Garrett fit. Good get.
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  5. Texas_Pete

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    Broaddus on Ben Gardner:

    • Will work down the line. Plays the down block. Keeps his feet on the cut. Nice hand use. Uses an arm over move up the field. Nose for the ball. Can find it. Will crash down inside.
    • Much better when he is on the move. Able to hold the point. Able to split the double team. Can play as a two gap player. Tries to make tackles in the hole, had a couple of misses when he just was not quite able to finish the play. There were snaps where he can played square and was able to hold the point of attack with no problem.
    • Didn’t get turned or knocked off balance. Had a tackle for loss against Utah, on quicker swim move. Can get his hands inside. Plays along the line, different positions. Plays with some quickness.
    • Great deal of toughness to his game. He was rare that you saw him not trying to work off the block and get in the middle of the play. Relentless in his style. There is nothing pretty or classic about the way he plays, but the bottom line is he gets the job done.
  6. xwalker

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    He is probably one of those guys that cut weight for the Pro Day in an effort to get better times.

    He looked bigger than 262 in game footage to me.
  7. starfrombirth

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    I'm fine with my SDE being about 280-290. Everyone seems to think you can only rush the qb is your a fast 260. What ever happened to the Reggie White 300 lb type of rushers?
  8. MichaelWinicki

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    Two "Black" Knights from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".
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  9. MichaelWinicki

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    Reggie was 6'5".

    The taller, more agile athlete is doing the basketball thing now a days.

    30 years ago, there were a great many defensive linemen who were 6'5" or taller... Even DT's.

    You're just not getting those guys anymore. So instead of the 6'5" who can still move at 290lbs, you've got the 6'3" guy who can still move at 270lbs. And DT has gotten worse! How long before we see a 5'10" DT?
  10. Illini88228

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    Another factor, imo, is the increasing athleticism of offensive tackles. 20 years ago, Nobody would have thought to have an athlete like Tyron Smith on the offensive line, it would have been seen as a waste, but now with everybody wanting that 6'5" or taller OT with feet like a dancer guys who might have been tall defensive tackles before get put on the OL today.
  11. btcutter

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    I think people use the term "fitting the system" a bit too often. JJ Watts, Reggie White will be able to rush the passer either in 3-4 or 4-3 end. When we were playing 3-4 defense in nickel or dime situations we basically go to a 4-3 front. Somethings you either can or cannot do. Will scheme benefit the some players with more marginal talents...sure. But it's the coaches responsibility to find the best way to use the players.

    I'm hoping Gardner can play the SDE and split time with Selvie to get the most out of both players.

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