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The Campo Years

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by parchy, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. parchy

    parchy Active Member

    2,252 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    After seeing this for the past three years -


    Have you forgotten about this dude?


    Honestly, I saw a picture of Dave Campo the other day and nearly did a double take when I saw him standing on the sidelines commanding the Dallas Cowboys. Y'know, that team. He just seemed... too indistinguished to wear the Star as the head signal-caller.

    Do the Campo years seem like a strange blur to anybody else? And can you even imagine going back to that after seeing one of the all-time greats up close for three years? Oof. I get the willies just thinking about it.
  2. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

    24,279 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    Joe Avazano looks like he's about to backhand that ref :laugh1:
  3. Jimz31

    Jimz31 The Sarcastic One

    14,334 Messages
    120 Likes Received
  4. Jimz31

    Jimz31 The Sarcastic One

    14,334 Messages
    120 Likes Received
    I saw the word "Campo" and immediately went into depression.....
  5. Tennione72

    Tennione72 Active Member

    873 Messages
    47 Likes Received

    LOL!!!!!! Me to.........The first player that popped in my head was Troy Hambrick :bang2:
  6. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

    24,279 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Really? I started calling up Quincy Carter and designing draw plays for Troy Hambrick
  7. Word Mofo

    Word Mofo Active Member

    883 Messages
    123 Likes Received
    I do miss Joe Avezzano
  8. Jimz31

    Jimz31 The Sarcastic One

    14,334 Messages
    120 Likes Received
    Yeah, I did like him. Fiery dude!
  9. 2much2soon

    2much2soon Well-Known Member

    2,498 Messages
    66 Likes Received
    I bet Mickey misses the Campo years.
    Dude did everything possible to defend Dave Campo. Including throwing all the players under the bus.
    It was hilarious when Parcells came in and won with Campo's players his first year after Mickey essentially said no one could win with that team.
  10. EastDallasCowboy

    EastDallasCowboy New Member

    940 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    To be fair, Campo was both a nice guy and loyal to this team.

    I look back on the Gailey years as much worse, personally. He inherited a team that had a chance.
  11. CowboyMike

    CowboyMike Stay Thirsty, My Friends

    5,346 Messages
    441 Likes Received
    Loved Avezzano. I remember it was pretty much between Campo and Avezzano to replace Chan Gailey. Wrong choice Jerry. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Coach Joe had gotten a chance at Head Coach. Might have been different. He certainly commanded more respect than Campo.
  12. jcblanco22

    jcblanco22 Active Member

    1,334 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    He inherited a team that "had a chance", but had grossly underachieved under Switzer in 1997. He turned that team around and had them at 10-6 in '98, and that was with Billy Davis starting at one receiver spot!!

    Many of the guys on the line had admittedly played way over their weights the year before, but Gailey helped convince Newton to lose a ton of pounds that '98 offseason (down to 293 at his lowest point!). Erik Williams also got into his best shape in years that offseason.

    The guy also had the guts to come in and implement a brand new offense with a team that boasted three of the most heralded skill players of their era. While some of us cringed when we saw Irvin line up in the backfield a few times, the bottom line is they scored enough points to win 10 games and the division, and that's with Aikman having missed almost 6 complete games with the collarbone injury.

    The '99 season was even more of a raw deal, since McKnight and Irvin were both done for the season by Week 4, and Rocket got the stuffing beat out of him the rest of the year as a miscast No. 1 receiver.
  13. cowboyeric8

    cowboyeric8 Chicks dig crutches

    5,436 Messages
    256 Likes Received
    What has Parcells done, winning wise?

    Just wondering, and don't tell me draft and all that. Yes I think that is all great but put me some wins up on the board before people start saying Parcells was great for this team.

    I am by no means defending Campo, the Campo years sucked, I'm just saying lets see if Parcells can get a playoff win before we annoint him God.

  14. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

    39,014 Messages
    24,343 Likes Received
    Gailey had it far worse than Campo ever did.

    Gailey never had the true support of Jerry Jones and every Tom, Dick and Troy Aikman could do the run-around on him.

    Was he a good head coach? That's debateable. But he never had buy-in from the holdovers and that was his undoing. He did try to mold the team his way and his results at least were playoff-worthy.

    But if I were starting a team tomorrow and had to choose one coach to lead it between the two, Campo would lose.
  15. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

    39,014 Messages
    24,343 Likes Received
    It's all perspective.

    When you take a step up from the bottom, it's still a step up.

    Coach Parcells has systematically taken three seasons to purge the roster. And judging by what has happened elsewhere with the players involved in that purge, he has made the right decisions nearly every time.

    This is his year. The year to show his overhaul has meant something. And if he fails to get a playoff win, I am sure you will see people complaining.

    But in the end, what he has done at the very least is give the franchise a sense of direction. And that is worth something.
  16. jcblanco22

    jcblanco22 Active Member

    1,334 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    There's a Skip Bayless-like book waiting to be written about what really went on that 1999 season behind the scenes. As Alexander alludes to, I think it's fairly common knowledge that Aikman went behind Gailey's back on several occasions to Jerry Jones regarding the offense. I think there was some locker room division there as well between Deion Sanders, who was a Gailey supporter, and Aikman. I remember Deion making a pointed comment in the locker room following the January 2000 wild-card loss to the Vikings, to the effect of "superstars needing to show up and play when it counts instead of complaining" and it being clear, by the performances that day, that he was referring to Troy.

    Gailey's terse "I know exactly why I was fired" response to a question in his farwell press conference seemed pretty loaded as well.

    The thing that I never understood about the whole thing was that Aikman had actually enjoyed some of his most prolific passing days under Gailey, and additionally, I would think it would have been painfully obvious to him that when you lose McKnight, Irvin, Mills, and McGarity to injury and are down to Jason Tucker as one of your starting receivers, it's a bit unfair to pin it on the play caller if things don't exactly go right.
  17. 2much2soon

    2much2soon Well-Known Member

    2,498 Messages
    66 Likes Received
    Me too. Just ask anyone that knows me. And I bet I have been loyal to the Cowboys way longer than Campo. Since the mid '70s.
    Doesn't mean I have any business being the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Neither did Campo.
    I believe Dallas set an NFL record for player games missed to injury during one of Campo's years. Guys got a little dinged, wouldn't play, and didn't respect Campo enough to get on the field when they could have.
    Enough people have verified Campo was(is) a heckuva of a nice guy. Too bad he wasn't wise and strong enough to turn down the head coaching job when he simply wasn't equipped for it.
    He could of gone done as one of the better assistant coaches of his time but all people will remember him for is his boondoggle as head coach of the Cowboys.
  18. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

    39,014 Messages
    24,343 Likes Received
    All in all, even though his success could be due to talent erosion, I never felt helpless under Gailey. Even though he added some odd talent like Ernie Mills, he made it work. I certainly never felt that way under Coach Campo because I always viewed that is what a Cowboys team would look and play like if Jerry Jones were actually wearing the whistle.

    And it wasn't Coach Campo's fault, he really wasn't qualified to be a head coach. He simply lacked the grit.

    That move was like promoting Tony Sparano to head coach, that's how far over his head that Campo was dealing with. And again, the blame goes to Jones for making that type of error. He wanted to go back to the Johnson days with a coach he could manipulate. And Campo was the puppet.
  19. MONT17

    MONT17 New Member

    3,269 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I'm still waiting for CAMPO to tell RANDAL WILLIAMS he cant play WR!!!

    what about DARREN HAMBRICK!!!
  20. DallasEast

    DallasEast Cowboys 24/7/365 Staff Member

    33,186 Messages
    7,768 Likes Received
    Why is it that every time I think of Campo's departure before Parcells' arrival... I can hear the theme music from the The Incredible Hulk television show in my mind? :(

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