The case against Griffin's success

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by StanleySpadowski, Apr 26, 2012.

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    I realize that everyone thinks Robert Griffin is a future star but history tells us that it may be a struggle for him at the next level.

    First and foremost, he declared with eligibility remaining. More often than not, QBs who've declared early have fared poorly in the NFL. From what I've found, only Roethlisberger and Dilfer have been first rounders who've won Super Bowls after declaring. And while recent players like Stafford have skewed the curve upwards somewhat, the bust rate for QBs with eligibility remaining is startling. Think JeMarcus Russel size busts.

    Next, he's going to be the second pick in the draft. You have to go the whole way back to Joe Namath to find a Super Bowl winning QB who went number two overall. Rick Mirer and Ryan Leaf join Donovan McNabb on the list since the 80's.

    He also has the Heisman Trophy on his mantle. For every Carson Palmer, there are tons of Gino Torrettas, Jason Whites, and Danny Wuerffels.

    Lastly, he played against Arena League defenses in the Big 12. Actually, that's unfair to the Arena League because they've produced more quality NFL QBs since it's inception than the Big 12 has.
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    most of these points are coincidences and have nothing to do with his skill set. the Big XII knock is legit, but that hasn't stopped Sam Bradford.
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  4. StanleySpadowski

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    One, it's just ammo to use against Washington <ethnic slur deleted> fans and two, the "B" word is slowly starting to be thrown around in regards to Bradford.
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    I agree w everything you are saying

    Except- hasn't stopped bradford from what?

    He hadn't exactly been doing anything
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    The one thing I notice about him is he seems to be very concerned with "style". Not sure if it is a true style over substance battle but is a red flag to me. Also his WR Wright is very underrated IMO.
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    His expectations are high and he could fall flat, but he's smarter and more athletic than Cam Newton or Michael Vick, the two people try to compare him to (mainly on the superficial grounds that he's black and athletic). But he has also garnered Steve Young comparisons from many observers and personally models his game after John Elway.

    We'll see where he is in three seasons time, but unless Washington gets him killed I'm afraid they're going to have the best quarterback in the NFC East for the next 12 years.
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    Mebbe so, but I hope you're wrong and Stan is right. :D
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    I'll also think the new CBA should factor in for Tannehill and Griffin, or any QB drafted in the Top 10 pick that isn't immediately pro ready. Teams won't have their draft picks under control for 5 or 6 years like in the past. Part of the trade off of the owners getting a rookie cap is that players don't have to play as long under their rookie contracts. Now you only get their rights for 4 years, and an option for a 5th year. For the 5th year, a player drafted within the first 10 picks gets an automatic tender of the Top 10 players at his position. You can imagine what that number will be a for a QB.
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    ......and it kills me to admit it.......this is why I think Jerrah will try to make a big splash tonight: doesn't want to get shown up by shorty in DC....too late BTW

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