The com in comcast stands for comical.

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    Point blank, don't go to their online chat to get your problems solved. I recently was offered an upgrade to Extreme 50 for $49.99 a month for 12 months. This requires a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. I received the "self-install" kit today. I spent over an hour being transferred around to various people in online chat who couldn't get it activated and one of them thought I wanted to order a wireless router. :lmao2:

    Finally said screw it and called them by phone, thankfully got someone who spoke proper English and then found out that I have to have a technician sent out to adjust the signal levels for it. (A professional install) I asked if there was a fee and he said maybe. Which is crap, because of the following:

    No way I'm paying for a $250 install fee after being billed shipping for this "self install kit" and the hassle I've went through. I was told the install fee would be waived with a self install kit but apparently you can't perform a self install when upgrading to a DOCSIS 3.0 level of service because it requires tweaks on their end to adjust the signal.

    Comcast is great if you NEVER have to deal with tech support, but once you do it's horrible. A tech is supposed to come out tomorrow and I'll tell him the same thing. I'll let you other comcasters know how it goes.
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    I went to the Time Warner office this past Saturday to change out my Cable/DVR box. My old one kept locking up. It took 30 minutes to get helped.

    I brought the power cord and remote control just canse. The lady said I could keep the cord and remote because I was getting the same exact set up in return. I could clearly see that the box she was giving me had a different product number on the front.

    I got home and hooked up the new cable box. Well, it was not new. Just new to me. I turned it on and got a message that the box was not authorized for use and I would need to call the help number. I called in and had to hit all the buttons to verify I was who I was supposed to be. I waited 30 minutes before finally getting some help. They had me re-verify who I was supposed to be. He then hit a couple of buttons and the device worked. I don't know why that extra step was needed. Just a hassle.
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    Fixed it for you.

    Seriously, Comcast is the devil.
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    Pretty much.

    We moved in May. They were supposed to transfer our service to our new apartment. Instead they opened up a new account and never closed the old one.

    So one day I came home to find my service was shut off (on a holiday weekend no less, so I had to wait 4 days until the billing department was opened the following tuesday).

    They explained I have 2 accounts and I paid one but owed 2 months on the other account. I told them we moved and that we were supposed to have our service transferred instead. So they told me I had to bring proof that I had moved, which I did. They then told me they were just going to send me their new self-install kit free of charge so i could get up and running again b/c my old one wasn't responsive.

    So I install the kit myself, yet the following day a Comcast technician shows up to "install my equipment".I let him in and showed him I had already installed it, and he checked it out and then left. Two days later yet another Comcast Technician came to "install my equipment" I didn't even let him in the door b/c I was annoyed that I had 2 visits already when nobody was supposed to come.

    The following month I had 8 installation fees. (4 per visit) even though nobody touched anything in my apartment. I did it myself using the self-installation kit. They weren't even supposed to come out. So I called and spoke to about 8 people and the finally credited it. Well the next month, those charges re-appeared, so I called again and spoke to a supervisor and they took it off. The next month, same thing.

    It is now september, and they have FINALLY cleared up the issue with the mysterious 2nd account charges and mystery installation charges. It took the effort of about 30 different comcast "support" people and 5 different supervisors to get unknown charges finally erased.

    Comcast is the worst by far, but as annoying as they are, it's the only service without satellites around here.
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    These companies (Comcast, Time Warner, etc) are the reason that people in Croatia have better internet service than we do.

    Having ISPs that are also content providers is also a serious conflict of interest.

    They should be regulated as common carriers, and not left with effective monopoly position.

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