The cornering of Jerry Jones

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Is there any bigger beating than hearing the age-old, dead-horse-beating comment, "Jerry the owner needs to fire Jerry the GM." It just sucks the life force out of us all because we know how pointless it is to even discuss.

    Instead, I just rail on the guy here, there, and everywhere, hoping against all hope. I utterly detest him for what he's done to this franchise, both in image and display, and I hate that I spend so much time hating what Jerry and his fantasy football team do over and over and over.

    Mostly, I hate that I keep coming back for more out of some romantic connection with a past long since gone.

    Or is it?

    Something is happening, though I'm not sure exactly what. Last week, a very audible chant broke out in the stadium..."NO MORE JER-RY". This, after the loudest boos ever heard at Cowboys Stadium when Jerry's face was on the big screen for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The local airwaves have a vitriole and a seething bite that I've never heard around here. 50/50 is now 95/5, and not in a good way for Jerry.

    The anti-Jerry sentiment has exponentially grown to a point now that I don't think can be undone with any amount of success. You can sense that even the players, coaches, and Jerry's FAMILY are caught up in it, and more importantly, tired of being a part of it.

    I'd bet dollars to donuts that Romo wishes he could move on to another team. Same for much of the team, and the same for the coaches, who wallow in Jerry's muddy shadow all day every day. The luster of the star is gone, and the trouble is no longer worth the former "honor" of wearing it.

    Nope, Dallas ain't the ********** it once was.

    This has to be wearing on Jerry. TV and radio ratings are sharply down. Attendance is starting to dwindle, and those who are there are largely rooting for the other team. The shine of the new stadium is worn off. Kids around town couldn't care less about the team. Even kicking the Cowboys is getting boring for the rivals.

    The brand is just dead. Same players year after year. Same coaches. Same imbecile running it all. The offense is futile, while the defense wilts weekly on queue. You can copy-and-paste seasons from the past decade randomly, and nothing looks any different. What's the difference between 2003, 2009, and 2012? Heck if I know.

    But there seemingly is nowhere left for Jerry to turn. He has to do something, but what? Another ho-hum coach? Another cool wide receiver? Play Kyle Orton and get a couple draft picks for Romo?

    Truth is, there's nothing left for Jerry the GM to do that will change anything. Apathy is out of control. Even those that still care aren't mustering the same angst they once did. Shrugging indifference about the Cowboys never seemed possible, but apparently it is.

    So what next? How's Jerry the Salesman going to sell this pig yet again? Even if the roster improves and the team is better next year, isn't the malignancy of Jerry and the past decade too advanced for 10-6 to cure?

    Surely, Jerry must know that there's only one facelift that will fix this, and it won't be another one for his mug. The damage is finally and completely done. Jerry has managed to tear down the Roman Empire of the NFL and reduce it to rubble's rubble. All that's left is for others to dance on its grave.

    The man is cornered. No way out. Unless he does the unthinkable.

    Step down, Jerry. If not for you and us, for your kids' sake. Let us all learn to love you again.
  2. Woods

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    He's not going to step down.

    What JJ needs to do is invest heavily in the OL, re-sign Spencer, and get 1 more guy who can rush the passer.
  3. rocboy22

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    you have greatly over-exagerated the demise of this franchise.
  4. Lodeus

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    As long as us fans keep buying tickets, merchandise, watching games on TV, and whatever else, Jerry is not going anywhere.
  5. 17yearsandcounting

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  6. rocboy22

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    I'm not going through and copying and pasting all of it. I said what I wanted to.
  7. Chocolate Lab

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    Please, it's not rubble yet. Now another season of Garrett, and it might be.

    All Jerry has to do is hire Payton and we'll be as popular as ever. Jerry might even be loved at that point.

    It's funny to me when people talk about us sucking for 15 years, or a decade, or whatever. Doesn't anyone record games and re-watch them anymore? Go look at the 2009 playoff game -- Jerryworld was rocking. And that wasn't even three short years ago.
  8. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    He's done everything EXCEPT what worked before he bought the team: Get a professional GM and coach and leave them alone. Einstein's definition of insanity.

    The only option is a fan-based push for regime change bigger than the Giants in 1977. Make it a cottage industry. The hottest programs on the sports stations in D/FW. Websites dedicated to it. Facebook, YouTube and other social media. A recurring character on Saturday Night Live. Buying anti-Jerry sports apparel. A stream of publicity stunts to shame him. Last but not least, fans and sponsors spending their money elsewhere.

    Sound cruel and drastic? 99.99% of the population if they were the Cowboy's owner instead would "get it" and stop meddeling. Just saying this is what it takes to deal with someone so mental. I was forgiving him in 1993 - then he ran off Jimmy. :bang2:
  9. goshan

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    If he hires a new coach, hope would be restored.
    If we close out 7-9 or 6-10 and don't make any moves, he is going to have a PR disaster on his hands.
    Media and fans confidence/perception is at an all-time low. The brand is in a bad spot. Garrett doesn't have the past or personality to help the brand either.
  10. panchucko

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    Geez he may as well move the team to LA
  11. iceberg

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    We were running low on bad Jones threads. Thanks.
  12. Soth

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    I know many think these Jerry threads are stupid, but I think there is a legitimate concern about the future of the franchise.

    There are fans out there that will continue to follow the cowboys, even if we continue to suck for the next 50 years. However, I think most fans have a breaking point and will stop supporting the team if they continue to miss the playoffs year after year.

    Obviously, the franchise is not ruined right now. Fans would jump on the bandwagon immediately if things get better. But I think Jerry needs to consider that the continued lack of success will slowly cause fans to stop supporting the cowboys.

    I have supported Jerry for a long time, but I think it is time for a change. I always liked Jerry because I thought he cared about the team and he wanted to win (not just to make money). The problem is Jerry only wants to win if he is in charge. He would rather see the franchise run to the ground rather than give up the GM title. I don't think his goals are aligned with those of the fanbase.
  13. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    This is kind of like General Motors - they had over 50% of the US market in the late 1950's. People suffered with the Corvair, Vega, diesel Olds, Aztek, failure to make serious fuel-efficent vehicles for DECADES. Then they collapsed in 2009 and had to reorganize. Still some resentment over it coming to what it did when they cratered at 15% of the market.

    Same thing here - fans want a better product.
  14. WPBCowboysFan

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    :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

    :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
  15. WPBCowboysFan

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    The problem is you never win back all those people you lost. They move on to better things.

    GM can make the best stuff in the world and for the best price - IF they wanted to do it.

    How many people that drive Hondas and Toyotas and never waste the time and money on repairs and needless stuff do you think will go back to GM? Not many. Why would they?

    Its the same thing with Jerry to an extent.
  16. Dhragon

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    If Jerry did step down as GM you just KNOW he'd hire an incompetent one so that guy would fail and Jerry could re-emerge in a couple years saying "See, I hired a GM and it didn't work - I'm what's best for the Dallas Cowboys!"

    I think Jerry could stay as GM if he can only hire a real, very good head coach and let him have the power almost every other GM in the NFL lets their HC have. Just stop undermining the HC.
  17. Zimmy Lives

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    Let us not forget replacing a safety, any safety, with a playmaker would do wonders for this team. I like McCray's hustle but does he really belong on a NFL team as a safety? Even Bill Bates was better in coverage and he was not that quick or fast.
  18. erod

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    The happy medium for Jerry is to appoint Stephen to GM and semi-quietly retire in that role.

    Stephen, in my opinion, doesn't want the spotlight and scrutiny of his father and would heavily rely and defer to the head of the personnel department and coaching staff when it comes to players. Stephen is an excellent negotiator of contracts, but I don't think he needs the "jocks and socks" involvement like his dad.

    Later, Stephen could appoint an official GM if he wanted to.
  19. Zimmy Lives

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    Hold on a second! Stephen is a Jones, after all, and you know what they say about apples falling. :D

    Hopefully, Stephen is wise enough to know that he does not know the first thing about personnel management and would better off hiring a football guy to run that end of the business.
  20. JBond

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    The sad thing is I spent a whole three minutes of my life reading the drivel.

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