The Cowboys are like Star Trek

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BringBackThatOleTimeBoys, Nov 22, 2012.

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    In the mid 90's someone had a cartoon parodying the Boy's as Star Trek characters.

    Just like the debates of who is better: Kirk or Piccard, they argue here if Landry or Johnson was a better coach.

    • same hairdo :D
    • French name, but not necessarily very French
    • organization man
    • aloof
    • well-dressed
    • more of a chess player, not a cowboy (Wild West type ;) )
    • moralistic
    • formal, not the joking type
    • diplomatic

    • maybe too concerned on the hair
    • take charge guy
    • a cowboy, not a chess player
    • just get it done yesterday!
    • casual
    • occasonally psycho
    • brash

    Switzer/Capt of Enterprise-B: Clueless
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    I don't see much debate about Landry vs. Johnson on here lately. Its more Romo sucks vs. Romo is a magician; Garrett is a master tactician vs. Garrett is a complete moron; Jerry is the best owner in football vs. Jerry is a senile old coot; or Dez is a solid receiver waiting to go off vs. Dez is the dumbest player in football.
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    are they mutually exclusive?
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    On this board? Yes.

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