The Cowboys' season now comes down to 2 simple goals

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Red Dragon, Nov 16, 2013.

  1. Sarge

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    He just missed 400 yards and their # 1 weapon (Jimmy Graham) barely played.
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  2. 17yearsandcounting

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    And make no mistake, he could have gone for 500 if Payton diddnt pity the people on the opposite side line. 1 record was enough for him that day.
  3. Sarge

    Sarge Red, White and brew... Staff Member

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    Agreed - he could have shredded us for a lot more if he wanted to.
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  4. dupree89

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    me too.
  5. 50cent

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    You paint with a broad brush boss! I'll actually be mad if we make the playoffs playing with this type of gameplan. Here's two goals:
    1. Run the ball more
    2. Keep this MASH UNIT of a defense of the field as much as possible by running the ball.
  6. CowboyFan4Eva

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    I thought this year was going to be different, I really did. And I was willing to stick with them even after
    The Detroit loss.........

    But , The Saints really exposed us badly. I mean, It was like they were playing a college team...

    These cowboys aren't different.....Same ole 8-8 if were lucky.......

    Having said all that. This is the NFL. They have a second season to change it. But I don't see them doing much.
  7. Carharris2

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  8. Carharris2

    Carharris2 Well-Known Member

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    Should I root for 6 losses and a high draft pick? I'm very excited someone who wants what's best for the Cowboys can now direct me to show true support.
    That's what I want to do.
  9. mitchell2254

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    I don't pull for the team to lose, man. I am just real about it. We are a lot closer to losing 6 in a row than winning 6 in a row. I hope I am dead wrong.
  10. ScipioCowboy

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    Don't come around here much?
  11. Carharris2

    Carharris2 Well-Known Member

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    I do get you dude. I've heard it b4. I still think its a weak way to pull for a team. We differ in opinion.
  12. percyhoward

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    Great OP.
  13. CowboyFan4Eva

    CowboyFan4Eva Benched

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    It's hard to root for them to lose. To be happy about it. Even during the 1-15 season and the 5 11 seasons i still liked to see them win......

    But.......dont get me wrong. I'm a romo fan.....but, I really want to rebuild around a young 1st round draft pick QB and watch that to see how it develops......8-8 is getting boring....
  14. Hoofbite

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    Even if Dallas backs into the playoffs, then what?

    I don't think there's anything wrong with holding out hope but lets be honest with ourselves. Dallas has not played playoff caliber football in a decent amount of time. Getting to the playoffs with this level of play is an invitation to get embarrassed.

    Injuries resolving might help the defense a little bit but not totally. Unless Miles returns to form the offense won't benefit that much from his return.

    Would anyone right now pick the Cardinals to do anything if they got to the playoffs? I wouldn't but after this weekend against Jacksonville they could very well be 6-4.

    You can root for Dallas while remaining objective. Plenty of fan bases have to do it which is why crappy teams still have people showing up. For some reason rooting for Dallas means that you have to expect they'll be a playoff contender even though they haven't shown that is the case.
  15. jobberone

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    If you really think Jerry believes that barely getting the playoffs means that much then you're wrong. He will see some negatives and positives.
  16. Carharris2

    Carharris2 Well-Known Member

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    I agree on the 8-8. This is also the most frustrated/disgusted I've felt about the Boys ever. That's since about 78 for me.
  17. Reverend Conehead

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    Squeaking into the playoffs just to get clobbered does not excite me.
  18. dstovall5

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    I'm glad our players don't have the same crappy attitude as some of our fans. Y'all do realize if we win our division we get a playoff game at HOME, which means anything can happen. We're 4-1 at home with our only loss at home against DEN (a super bowl team) and that's a game we should've won as well.

    But no, the way you guys talk our players should just give up and go home now. Like many are saying, there's no point, we suck. There's no chance we could get on a hot run like the giants and go deep into the playoffs, nope. /s
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  19. reddyuta

    reddyuta Well-Known Member

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    This defense isn't going to get magically better next season,the best we can do is shere up the oline and hope for the best.
  20. fifaguy

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    Agree. The team needs to stabilize and establish an identity. Everything else is secondary at this point...
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