"The Cowboys would likely turn to rookie Joseph Randle"

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dewby, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. CowboyStar88

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    Again you keep bringing up the 1.5 average, but you fail to put it into context. But again it doesn't surprise me. Just look at your Romo posts.
  2. ufcrules1

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    Why would you bring up Romo on a "Joseph Randle" thread? Seriously? I'm sorry I don't have the same opinion on you as Randle.. but will you get over it already?
  3. rkell87

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    Tanner is another square peg in this offense. He hits the hole hard and keeps his legs going and moves the pile, the problem is that there is no specific hole for him to run full speed toward, you have to wait and see where the hole ends up being and be able to get through it quickly in the zbs. If the hole isn't where he is already heading I guarantee you are going to see him run straight into the back of our oline each time.
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  4. CowboyStar88

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    Lol it's your history. You keep being up his 1.5 YPC and you tell me to get over it? That's comedy!
  5. BoysFan4ever

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    They better have a plan B.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    I thought he looked pretty decent in preseason when he finally got the chance.
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  7. big dog cowboy

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    Give me a major break. Using yards per carry when trying to run out the clock is pretty meaningless and I suspect you know it.
  8. morasp

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    I was impressed with randle last night. He caught the ball out of the backfield, picked up a blitz, got a touchdown, had a long run to get a first down and keep the clock going, didn't fumble, didn't injure himself. His vision was excellent as was his quickness both laterally and straight ahead.
  9. pancakeman

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    Maybe because aside from Julius Jones, Cowboys wearing #21 are usually in the secondary.
  10. 1LoyalCowboyFan

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    Cowboys had a third round grade on him I believe. Don't see how they don't give him a shot to be the lead back. I love how he runs. He must've pass blocked at Oklahoma State. I haven't seen any evidence he can't pass block. Something about him that looks promising. I've mentioned it plenty of times but I love how he always falls forward and his injury free past.
  11. TheCoolFan

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    Good. Hopefully he takes the job forever because Murray is just too frail and will always be. And if he's not the answer then we'll just find someone else in the mid rounds of the draft again. Next!
  12. Deep_Freeze

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    Well I wish Dunbar was available at this point, wasn't real impressed with Randle. Problem is, Dumbar is hurt and has fumbling issues.

    I figure we have no choice but to start Randle, but throw the ball allllll day against Philly......so it won't really matter who is at RB.
  13. Hoov

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    I seem to remember that the report on him was....that like Murray he can run well, run pass routes and catch well and pick up blitzes so that he is not a liability in any phase. They commented last night that he looks small when compared to the players he would have to block on blitzes - but that does not mean he cant do it.
  14. Boyzmamacita

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    We need to stop ignoring the run game. Even if it isn't working, it's ridiculous to abandon it altogether and become one-dimensional. Give the RB whoever he is a chance to break one. You never know.
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  15. frickster

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    He did ok last night. Didn't turn the ball over which was huge. Im looking forward to see how he does as a starter.
  16. Fredd

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    he got his feet wet (Randle) against Washington...they drafted this kid because of his similarities in style to murray...that way, the offense doesn't have to make huge adjustments in their game plan...if the guy pans out, our 5th round pick is going to look like a wise move...
  17. black label

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    Tanner is a scrub, next
  18. Deep_Freeze

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    I'm not saying ignore it, I'm just saying what will probably happen in that game.

    Can't say I saw too much out of Randle last night, hopefully Dumbar is available.
  19. igtmfo

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    Sorry to be a drag, but as all you draft guys know.

    Jonathan Bales the guru from dallas cowboys times has said:

    1) Randle has kinda poor speed. I think in the very late 4.4s but mostly 4.5-4.65 40 time, mostly closer to the late 4.5s. Not good for a RB.
    2) Randle has kinda poor burst. As far as quickness vs. speed. I guess shuttle times etc. were average. I know you guys, like me, want Randle to succeed. Then you see Randle hit the line and he's slow moving.
    3) Randle is like 6-1, 210? ... No power to overcome his lack of height/speed etc. .. Dang Randle is almost like a WR.
    5) Bales has said there are about no RBs with the measurables of Randle that, in the last decade, had been any kind of productive RB.

    1) Nice shiftiness, if he can make it to the next level. Like he did at Okla State.
    2) Awareness blocking in the blitz. QB protection.
    3) Nice awareness and hands as a receiver.

    Yesterday: 11 carries 17 yards.

    I don't think Randle will get any better. A high-cut RB we got because we thought he could protect Tony.

    Thank you Jerry and Cowboys drafters! ..

    Cowboys skew to drafting players near to Texas. Just like drafting T. Will vs. Keenan Allen this year. Lots of others like that.
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  20. ufcrules1

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    He had 11 freaking carries. They obviously weren't all used for running out the clock. His 1.5 yards per carry sucked for a reason... Randle didn't show squat out there. Now maybe he will in future games, but he showed nothing to excite me for the Eagles game. I'm actually worried about our running game going into that game.

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