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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Banned_n_austin, Jun 16, 2005.

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    Everytime I open mine a fork is going in it. I have that dreaded fork to mouth disease :D
  2. Zaxor

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    Sadly I have know that disease also

    the dreadful dunlap disease...

    where the belly dunlaps over the belt

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    Post of the day for me TB. Extremely funny!

    Also, thanks for giving me some playing time. For a minute, I thought I might was destined for the CFL.

  4. Juke99

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    Your entire roster is quite hysterical...but, well thought out too.

    Regarding "The Even Couple" Winicki and me...yeah, I know what he's thinking all the time..for instance, the first time the opposition's TE catches a pass over the middle, Winky will be looking to drop back into deep deep coverage in order to avoid contact.

    With that in mind, I think we want to avoid making him the free safety because when the going gets tough, he'll interpret that as, free to go to the concession stand for a hotdog (or more likely a fish stick)... free to hide in the runway if anyone on the other team is bigger than the average Ukranian place kicker... :D

    Actually, I'd be honored to play next to MW...I think it would do alot for international relations between us and Canada.

    Let's lay some serious whup *** on 'em MW.
  5. silverbear

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    We're gonna have to talk to the GM... it would actually make some sense to move me to LT-- I may not BE the Hotel (Flozell), but I work at one...
  6. silverbear

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    Oh yeah, I'm just LEGENDARY for always staying calm and even-tempered...


    But hey, when did I ever make a mistake?? :D
  7. silverbear

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    Heck, that ain't NUTHIN'... I got myself into a pickup, tackle game with some friends of my cousin when I was visiting the family in suburban DC, over at the local high school field...

    On this one play, I fielded a punt near the right sideline, and started up the sideline just as fast as my stubby little legs would carry me... just about the time I was clear, and thought I had a chance to take it all the way (which surprised the bejesus out of me), I got SERIOUSLY clotheslined, by some guy I didn't know... being a tough guy, of course I bounced right back up, and sometime later in the game I managed to get a retaliatory cheap shot in on him a split second after he caught a pass in the end zone...

    Well, I woke up the next morning and I couldn't turn my head more than an inch or two in either direction... I thought I was just suffering from a classic case of whiplash, and in a day or two I began to get a little range of motion back... in 2 or 3 weeks, I'd forgotten all about it...

    I was 21 back then... now, we fast forward 26 years, and a somewhat grayer Bear suddenly got this WICKED headache, near the back of his skull... just a pounding type headache, and aspirin wouldn't touch it... after about 3 days, with no relief at all, I figured this wasn't normal, and took myself to the emergency room...

    They gave me a full head and neck series of X-rays, and it turned out that one of my big neck cords had gone into spasm, and just wouldn't release... they injected me with some sort of muscle relaxant, and gave me a scrip for some more... and in a day or two, I was feeling better...

    But what I remember most from that incident is the lady ER doctor walking into my cubicle, X-rays in hand, saying "Mr. Cottrill, when did you break your neck??"

    Being the articulate individual I am, of course my response was an intellectual "huh??"

    "Oh yes, the X-rays show a nicely healed fracture right here", and she showed it to me... it took me some weeks to figure out that I must have gotten that fracture in that pickup game, it's the ONLY time I've ever hurt my neck...

    I just can't figure out if it takes a real man, or a real fool, to walk around with a broken neck without seeking medical attention, LOL...
  8. Danny White

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    Wow! That is some distinguished company you've put me with. I'm truly honored to be in the same backfield.

    I'll happily be the nickel-back to those two all-stars. :D

    I think you'd make a good QB, TruBlue. After all, wasn't Hank Hill All-State back in high school?
  9. Big D

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    Damn coach! Whats my role???
  10. DallasEast

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    This one's for Juke and MW ;) :

    Sound link
  11. Qwickdraw

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    Nobody wants to be on your stupid team anyway. It's stupid!
    I'm gonna make my own team! And you can't be on it. You'll see. You're all gonna be sorry! Sorry I tell ya!
  12. Sarge

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    Never thought it possible.

  13. Juke99

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    Can you just hear the crowd Winicki and I burst through the pyrotechnics as this song is blaring over the loudspeaker system at the stadium...


    THUMPER Papa

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    The same thing happened to me! We were playing and a kickoff was short so I caught it and took off running. My best friend from childhood came flying in from the side and tackled me around the ankles. I hit the ground on my shoulder and felt a jolt of intense pain.

    I figured I had dislocated my shoulder again (which would have been the 5th time for that side) so I had him pull on my arm to put it back in place. The paid was incredible! I kept playing but everytime I blocked someone I would feel that intense pain again.

    I didn't think mch about it and went to work on Monday. It took a while and I had to deal with a lot of pain (I was a delivery driver back then and had to lift stuff all day long). It took a lot longer to heal then my other dislocations had but I never did go to the doctor for it.

    Several years later I was seeing a chiroprator about my back. He asked me to list all of the injuries I had suffered (a very long list!) then he examined me and took x-rays. He was looking in my eyes and asked why I hadn't listed a broken collarbone amongst my injuries. I told him that I had never broken my collarbone. When he x-rayed it you could see where it had been broken, that's when I remembered that game and the supposed dislocated shoulder.

    He was amazed and asked how in the world I could not know I had broken it because it had been a clean break and not just a fracture. After I told him that I thought it was dislocated and had actually had someone pull on my arm to put it back in place he just shook his head and said "football players".

    He did say that having the guy pull on my arm probably did set the bone but not perfectly.

    Looks like you & I are about the same age Silverbear as I will be 47 next month. I would have loved to play with you back in the day. No pads, no helmets, just "football players".
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    You just gave off that grizzled ol' QB aura, a Troy Aikman feel. I don't know what it is. ~~shrug~~ :p: It was either you or Hostile, but I thought Hos would work better at fullback because we need a Moose in there who can play for years with no significant injuries and is always consistent, and I figured the man with 10,000 posts, many of them solid writing, would be the best one for the job! ;)

    Hey, if for some reason Yeager knocks you out for the starting job, we can always put you in charge of the scouting department seeing as how you may be the one person I've read more custom college scouting reports from. :cool:
  16. Tio

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    There is still a 3,000 + post guy waiting in the wings at OLB....we'll kick their arses :). J/k, we won't hurt em, just humiliate em. Hell, let the desperate iggle on too. Maybe he will bore them to death with his longwinded posts on any and every subject.
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    With laughter as you trip over each other and face plant.:D
  18. Banned_n_austin

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  19. LaTunaNostra

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    Well, you're still underage Tio, so you can't play with the big kids unless you get a note from your parents. :banghead:

    But since TBC made me the OC, I am offering you the RB coach job, based on all the savvy posting you did last year on the run game issue, and your up-front early support of Julius Jones.

    I want ravidubey for the passing game coordinator; he appreciates a wide open O. But he ain't getting Joey back.

    Chocolate Lab I trust to coach the oline. He's always passionate on that subject and he'd be the perfect coach to give Gurode that one last chance. Heh heh. Plus he's one of the few who could handle LA. Parcellswaterboy would be great at that job too, but for now he'll just have to settle for being, well, Parcellswaterboy.

    Bufford/Wheat, a Skins fan, gets to coach tight ends. That's so he can go back to Extremeskins and tell them compared to Witten, Chris Cooley is Don Knotts.

    Ad is my assistant OC/quality control. You want an engineer in that position nit-picking everything that's wrong, could be wrong, why it's wrong, and what could happen if it wasn't wrong. Or not.

    I asked Nors to be the QB coach, but he said he'd rather be Romo's caddy. Plus he figures if Sam Wyche last season couldn't do anything with Bledsoe....err, Nors doesn't want his career killed just yet.

    So I will ask TH if he will take on that task. He's got his still photos to work off, and at least I can trust him to develop ALL the QBs.
  20. LaTunaNostra

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    PS. The trainer/team doc is of course, Jobberone. :)

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