The Denver Post: Measuring of prospects is a key dimension of N.F.L. predraft prep.

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    Measuring of prospects is a key dimension of NFL predraft prep
    By Jeff Legwold
    The Denver Post

    South squad offensive lineman Danny Watkins of Baylor, left, battles Clint Boling of Georgia during Senior Bowl practice Wednesday in Mobile, Ala. (Dave Martin, The Associated Press)MOBILE, Ala. — At the Senior Bowl each year, one of the first things that gets done is the weighing and measuring of the players preparing for the high-profile game. Folks often ask why so much time is taken to get the players' actual heights and weights before the NFL draft each April.

    The truth is that college football teams often don't tell the truth when it comes to their players. NFL teams measure players to the eighth of an inch. For many players, their height as determined by the NFL is different from what their college teams listed.

    At this year's Senior Bowl, players are weighed and measured inside Mobile's convention center. Hundreds of the NFL's personnel evaluators sit in the audience, waiting to hear the numbers. "They're all just there, looking at you," said Colorado offensive tackle Nate Solder, a consensus All-American in 2010. Auburn offensive tackle Lee Ziemba, another All-American at the Senior Bowl, played for a national championship team that listed him at 6-feet-8 and 319 pounds. He is 6-6 at the Senior Bowl.

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