The difference between Network Scouts and Team Scouts

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jday, May 9, 2014.

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    This is really why Mock Drafts are silly. Because, let's face it, if the Network Scouts were really good at assessing talent you would think they could probably get paid more by a team. Just sayin...

    And that difference becomes fairly obvious every year when the draft starts. So you can pretty much throw out all the "scouting reports" you see because the team scouts actually go to game after game, and study film, and talk to coaches/family and talk to their coaches to try and get a beed on what qualities their coaches are really needing to make their perspective scheme work. Transversely, the Network Scout looks at what they perceive to be a need and simply try to fill it with guys they caught in a few college games and whatever tape their network can provide. They do not, however, have insight on what the team actually wants nor do they have any idea how the team assesses what they already have.

    So that being said, as much as I don't like what the Cowboys traded to get there and despite Lawrence not being anywhere close to being on my radar, I will have to defer to the Cowboys scouts...for now. Who knows? Maybe he was worth it.
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    I like Lawrence, he should be a cornerstone for years. I am concerned with what he brings to the table this season as some have speculated that he will be used primarily in the nickel and not start until season two. So, instead of two starters we get a half? Not sure I like that.

    Dallas doesn't have a lot of cap room(from Stephen's mouth) to sign significant FA's this year. We need bodies and starters at that. It sucks to lose picks while watching the Niners get 5 tonight, it is a never-ending game of playing catch-up.

    Who knows, maybe the injury bug eludes us this season and the defense will be just average(I can live with that).

    I would like to see Dallas become proactive in trading away players that might leave before they become FA's and start stacking more picks. If they suspect someone will jet, get something for them IMO, even if a 3rd/4th rounder. We need more draft picks to fill in the many holes that this team currently has.
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    They plan on having an 7-8 man rotation like the seahawks so starting the first snap really doesn't mean much. He's expected to get a lot of snaps and in pass rush situations, that makes the most sense.
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    Yea, I get that part. The 7-8 man rotation worries me at this point. Excluding camp/early season injuries, we are a little short in that area. There is not much cap room to get more able bodies, so it has to come tomorrow via the draft.

    I really want Murray but if they can find a couple more D-lineman on the last day, then go for it. Like I said, just get the defense to average this season but it is easier said than done.
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    We still need a 1 technique to replace Hayden completely but outside of that we are in pretty good shape.

    Melton Selvie Lawrence Crawford Bass McClain Mincey Spencer Hayden

    I feel a heck of a lot better about it than i did when we cut Ware.

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