The Evolution of Jerry Jones The Cowboys GM In The Red Garrett Era

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WPBCowboysFan, Apr 18, 2014.

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    I think one of the most amusing things to me is that people will go out of their way to say Parcells was a disappointment.

    Compare the two:

    Parcells 34-32 w/ two playoff appearances (including one with Quincy Carter and Troy Hambrick on offense)
    Garrett 29-27 w/ zero playoff appearances and starting from a much better position

    Both 2 games over .500, but one rebuilt a roster and made the playoffs twice.

    If anyone complains about Parcells not being good enough, they better have the exact same complaints about Garrett.
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    I guess it's impossible to think a head coach can be 8-8 for three years and end up being a good coach.

    Bellichek first six seasons as a head coach-one winning record.

    Pete Carroll first six, one winning record

    Garrett's teams haven't played an important game with any semblance of a full deck yet.

    Is he a perfect coach? No. Does he have the team pointed in the right direction? I believe he does. Personally, I like how he is running the team and what he values in a player. Just need to see them avoid major injuries and we'll see if he's a decent coach or not.
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    I think you are right. It honestly surprised me that Garrett has been this bad. I think he is a smart guy from a football family. He has been around the game his entire life, but it doesn't show up in his coaching. It bothers me more that he has took the time to quiz great coaches such as Jimmy and it would show up more in his coaching style. I had hoped his style would show more Jimmy Johnson influence. For some reason, I don't see that any if this has helped him. It indicates just how much he was not qualified or ready for the HC position. Something is missing and it is more then just on-the-job experience. For the most part, the fanbase has lost any confidence that they had in him which don't mean much, but it could easily be the same situation with the players. There seems to be several talented young players are not playing to their potential.
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    IMO most people were disappointed in Parcells because he left right when the team was ready to turn the corner.
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    Every final game of every season that we played was all winnable despite not having a full deck. That is what a good coach can provide a team. Ways for us to win games that are either close or underdogs. Garrett doesn't provide any of that. He seems to have no game plan at all or any kind of system in which to win games.

    What I see in Garrett' s style of coaching is a stubborn coach who would rather do it his way rather than change things around to fit the overall talent of the team. I see no innovation or any type of creativity from him. I guess those that like Garrett don't see that. But wait till Romo retires. I think his style will be overexposed. The reason to that is that he doesn't know how to make changes to benefit the team.
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    The difference is...........Jason is building something. You must not see it.
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    Or maybe he didnt really think it would turn the corner.
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    I coach youth football and I tell my players "if you want to be great you have to be willing to put the work in that the great players do, there's no shortcuts to greatness".

    To me you can't replace coming up the ranks slowly and learning the craft of coaching from many different coaches, Payton is the example I usually use but I'll go a different route and use the Harbaughs, Jim is 50 years old and John is 51.

    Jim Harbaugh coaching resume:
    And this is John Harbaugh's:

    Western Michigan University
    (Running backs coach)
    (Outside linebackers coach)

    University of Pittsburgh
    (Tight ends coach)

    Morehead State University
    (Special teams coach)
    (Secondary coach)

    University of Cincinnati
    (Special teams coordinator)

    Indiana University
    (Special teams coordinator)
    (Defensive backs coach)

    Philadelphia Eagles
    (Special teams coordinator)
    (Defensive backs coach)

    Baltimore Ravens
    (Head coach)

    This is Garrett's:

    2005-2006 Miami Dolphins (QBs)
    2007-present Dallas Cowboys
    (2007) (OC)
    (2008-2010) (OC/Asst HC)
    (2010) (Interim HC)
    (2011-present) (HC)

    These guys didn't get a coaching job handed to them because they looked the part they earned it, they worked their way up slowly while learning from numerous coaches along the way. John was at Western Michigan and Morehead St. for a total of 5 years and Jim started out at Western Kentucky, those are real hotbeds for future NFL head coaches. Look at the time span from starting coaching to getting their NFL head coaching job, Jim started in 1994 and got the SF job in 2011, John started in 1984 and got the Ravens job in 2008, Garrett started in 2005 and got the Cowboys job in 2010. Unlike my sig, these guys earned their position.
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    I dont know if he's really stubborn or not, but you nailed it on the lack of innovation or creativity. Thats the biggest thing that bothers me about him as a HC. Its the total package of game day stuff with him that makes me think he will never be a great HC. Something is just missing. The Red s u n s h i n e p u m p e r s dont see it, or wont admit it, but its obvious.
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    I don't see Garrett as having good leadership qualities, I don't believe he's able to bring the most out of players like other coaches can. He might be a nice guy and a politician but he doesn't bring any fear or motivation like Jimmy and Parcells did and I don't believe players will bring their all for him like they would for a Tony Dungy type coach.

    Put that together with his mistakes and lack of creativity and you have what we have seen on the field since he became HC. When he first took over for Wade as interim I had high hopes as the players really looked like they wanted to play for him but I realize now that had more to do with Jerry threatening the players jobs than anything Garrett did.
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    I didn't expect everybody to be able to understand a complex issue.

    They obviously didn't approach this off-season as if they were a player away. In the past Jerry would not have cut a player like Ware even though it was the best football decision.
    I agree that a Parcells type is preferred, but they just can't coexist with Jerry. Garrett is just a much much better option than Wade.

    Parcells himself did make a lot of screw-ups because he was overconfident and would shoot from the hip on players like Bobbie Carpenter and Jacob Rogers because their Dad had been players or coaches. I think Garrett is actually better in this area. Garrett best attribute is that he has pushed to evaluate the mental makeup of players and even had the Cowboys hire an outside company that specializes in this type of evaluation. This is an area where Jimmy was really good and much better than Parcells.
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    Sure anyone that disagrees just doesn't understand and you clearly know everything due to your great intellect LOL. Jerry cuts an older player because the cap is a mess and suddenly he has turned the corner, laughable.
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    I'm convinced that Garrett and Stephen were against things like the new contract for Ratliff, franchising Spencer and those types of issues, but Jerry was still in the just 1 contract/player away mode.

    The Cowboys could free up 20M right now with more restructures. They definitely make a conscience decision to cut Ware and not over pay the aging Hatcher. They could have kept Ware and still been able to re-sign Tyron and Dez.

    Hatcher started trying to be a leader about 3 years ago right after he made that comment that "we need some leaders". A big part of his breakout performance in 2013 was about the scheme change.

    In regards to the draft, most years they have just been trying to keep up with the older players that they're losing. Now the roster is really young and they're doubtful to lose anybody to age/contract this year. Witten is the oldest position player and they've already drafted his backup much to the chagrin of many fans. The salary cap will also be in better shape than it's been since Garrett has been the Head Coach.
  14. xwalker

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    If you look at my posts, you'll see that I spend a lot of time discussing the issues with people that disagree with me in a civil manner; however, those are posters that have established some credibility on this site. I'm not going to spend time discussing issues with a guy with 93 posts. You could be a 3rd grader on him Mom's computer for all I know.
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    LOL. Nowhere is it written that it has to be Wade or Garrett with no other option.

    And two points on that: One, hate Wade's style or look or whatever, and I'm not saying he's some great coach, but he's done far more as a head coach than Garrett has. I seriously doubt Garrett could have gone 29-19 in an AFC West with coaches like Parcells and Jimmy and with average QBs like Doug Flutie and Rob Johnson when he can't even muster a winning record in a poor NFC East with Tony Romo.

    And two, Wade was hired primarily because he would accept Garrett as OC, not on his own merits. Jerry's first priority was finding someone who wouldn't balk at Garrett calling plays and running the offense however he wanted.

    But back to the original point, I think a guy like Mike Zimmer could and would work just fine with Jerry, and he's an actual tough football coach who has earned his way up the ladder, not a grinning politician pseudo-family member.
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    LOL ok glad you could show your true character for everyone Mr 8,000 posts
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    I've done my share of raggin on Bill because of his record but also would like to seen what he could do once he could give Romo "the keys to the car" like he said way back in New Eng about Drew Bledsoe. But I don't think he thought the team could secure home field advantage throughout the playoffs the next year or he wouldn't have left, only a fool would and he wasn't a fool.
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    Jerry cut TO under Wade Phillips.

    Clearly Jerry was listening to Wade and "evolving".

    Pretty easy to do with any coach because players come and players go.
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    Parcells was far from perfect and I can admit to that. But what he did was shake the establishment. He placed that sinking ship upright and actually brought the results that we all wanted within a short period of time. Therefore, in my opinion, he has accomplished what he intended to do.

    I'm still upset that we didn't take Steven Jackson and drafting Carpenter was a joke. But his accomplishments cannot be ignored. Without Parcells this ship known as the Dallas Cowboys would have sunk and I doubt we would see the legacy which Parcells brought to this team.

    As for Garrett, he has made those same mistakes as well to what Parcells has made. Yet I find it funny that you don't mention them which kind of lead me to believe that you might be a be a bit biased towards the head coach in training. But thats okay and thats your choice.

    However, you can't deny that what Parcells brought to this is much more than what Garrett has done so far. Garrett is perhaps the luckiest head coach in training right now. He inherited a good QB, a future hall of famer TE, a hall of famer passrusher, and so on. Basically Garrett inherited a good team and turned them into mediocrity. While Parcells inherited a terrible team, planted the seed for growth, and brought results within a 3 year span while he was here. What has Garrett brought to the table with the span of 3 years? I'm certainly not impressed.
  20. ConstantReboot

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    I think he is stubborn in the sense that he doesn't want to change things to benefit the team. Like we all knew his playcalling was awful. Yet he doesn't even admit it. He sometimes wants to keep passing the ball while he should be running it since we have a lead. Thats why I feel he is stubborn.

    I'm still upset that he doesn't use the run has much as he should. There is about 3 games this past season where I know if we ran the ball more, we could have won. This would include the last game of the season. Thus I believe is so stubborn he would rather do it his way and risk losing the game; in which most cases we lose. Rather than doing it the proper and right way and win.

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