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The fallacy of the playcalling argument

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    15,264 Messages
    15,964 Likes Received
    These kinds of scenarios happen all the time.

    Jason Garrett calls a five-yard slant to Dez Bryant. Demarco Murray is running a flare into the flat, and Witten is going to goes in motion to the far side of the slant.

    Romo surveys the defense and notices the outside linebacker is dropping off into coverage, right in the zone where Dez' slant is supposed to be run. Both Romo and Dez should read this, and Dez should instead run a hitch.

    Romo looks at the playclock and still has 10 seconds, so he decides to "Kill! Kill!" the play, which audibles it into an off-tackle run to Murray on the right side. The defense then audibles because they believe it to be an actual play change from Romo, and the strong safety steps into the box.

    Free doesn't seal the inside edge, and Bernadeau gets stood up. Murray slashes outside, then cuts upfield and gets tackled by the safety for a two-yard gain.

    Then Cowboys fans here and yon scream collective bloody murder, "GARRETT, THROW THE DAMN BALL! WHY ARE YOU RUNNING INTO A BLITZ?"

    Such is the idiocracy of us football fans. We think there's a magic playcall sequence, and if the calculus is figured properly in the gameplan, and the head coach properly weighs the statistical trends, 40 points should rain down from the scoreboard like confetti in Times Square.

    Experts fly onto the message boards detailing their acute and studied knowledge of what should have been called. Their storied high school playing career, coupled with their ranking status in Madden online, reinforces their strange belief that, in fact, most of these 32 coaches won a job lottery and have no idea what they're doing.

    Especially Garrett.

    The fact is, every play is designed to score, and has produced, touchdowns. Every one of them. And every team pretty much runs the same plays, weighted by personnel and talent. There hasn't been an original thought in a good long while in this copycat league. They've been running the read-option in high school for 20+ years.

    But what never seems to get properly considered (mostly because we don't know for sure and won't admit it) is that the play called isn't necessarily the play run, and plays that don't work are 90 percent the result of a missed block, bad read, or poorly thrown ball or route run.

    Basics still decide football games.

    I want Garrett to turn over the playcalling duties, too, but not because I don't think the guy can call plays. I want him to free up his time and energy so he can better manage all three phases of the game on Sunday, and simply run the sideline. That's what Jimmy and Parcells did. Landry called offensive and defensive plays at one time, but he had a whole staff of future head coaches, and players were more self-disciplined in those days.

    Way too much attention is being payed to this right now. The much greater matter at hand is getting the line of scrimmage tilted back to 0 degrees, instead of the 30-degree uphill angle it's currently on.

    Garrett and Romo are hamstrung. New plays aren't needed as much as new people to run them with.
  2. Zimmy Lives

    Zimmy Lives Well-Known Member

    8,421 Messages
    3,339 Likes Received
    This. Very simple, they need better players.
  3. CIWhitefish

    CIWhitefish Active Member

    867 Messages
    86 Likes Received
    In general the playbook is more what can cause issues. If a playbook calls mostly for more down field routes in the passing game and the line can't hold up you will see obvious problems. If the playbooks lacks plays to counter this then it looks like all the wrong plays are called when it really is a lack of a comprehensive playbook. I agree with the OP that it's less the play calling then it is the playbook itself.
  4. Reverend Conehead

    Reverend Conehead Well-Known Member

    2,213 Messages
    1,358 Likes Received
    Your post has crushed my dreams. I've won several Super Bowls in Madden via my genius playcalling. I've sent printouts of those with my resume certain I would be hired as the next HC of the Cowboys. This is the lowest day of my life.
  5. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    15,264 Messages
    15,964 Likes Received
    My apologies, sir.

    I meant everyone BUT you.
  6. Reverend Conehead

    Reverend Conehead Well-Known Member

    2,213 Messages
    1,358 Likes Received
    Whew, thanks. That's a relief.
  7. blindzebra

    blindzebra Well-Known Member

    10,396 Messages
    1,912 Likes Received
    Where did this myth of deep routes and slow developing plays start?

    If the receiver does not win at the LOS and has to work to get open is the play called slow developing?

    If the QB is under immediate pressure and has to avoid a sack and the receivers move deeper to get open is the play called all deep routes?

    I swear that some of you act like we line up 4 wide and everyone runs a go.
  8. CIWhitefish

    CIWhitefish Active Member

    867 Messages
    86 Likes Received
    To be fair I was speaking in general (hence my use of the term "In general") and not directly of the Cowboys playbook. I have no expertise as to the contents of their playbook. I was just making a general statement supporting the OPs stance that it's not necessarily the play calling that can be at fault. Sorry you didn't see my intent.
  9. wileedog

    wileedog Well-Known Member

    11,049 Messages
    1,832 Likes Received
    I don't disagree with the overall premise, but when you fail to score more than 10 points in the first half of every single game of the year, and the majority of your offensive production shows up when you throw the playbook out the window and play streetball with Romo, something is not going right with your offensive gameplanning.

    Playcalling may be over-rated, but its not insignificant either. And the best coaches recognize early what is and what is not working and adjust quickly during a game.
  10. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

    15,264 Messages
    15,964 Likes Received
    How do you gameplan with Tyron Smith and four traffic cones up front?
  11. DanteEXT

    DanteEXT Well-Known Member

    2,103 Messages
    293 Likes Received
    strategically ;)
  12. FuzzyLumpkins

    FuzzyLumpkins The Boognish

    23,616 Messages
    9,107 Likes Received
    You're wasting your time erod. Many people know of what you speak and the rest are going to continue making stuff up about things they have never seen, Garret's playbook, and things they have no idea what they are or how they are put together, Cowboys gameplans.

    Ypu are seeing it already in this thread. They are just words people throw out so they can focus their discontent.

    This was the most prescient part of your post.

    I don't bother with the 'we' stuff myself even if it is more palatable to the offenders. That doesn't help either.
  13. CowboyMcCoy

    CowboyMcCoy Business is a Boomin

    12,749 Messages
    234 Likes Received
    Nice write up, but if you can't see there is something wrong with the way Garrett calls plays and gets his team in to a rhythm, something is wrong. All you have to do is look at how poor his 1st half statistics are. That's on his play calling, mostly.
  14. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

    26,328 Messages
    73 Likes Received
    Obviously Jason Garrett doesn't know the answer to this question, either.
  15. Little Jr

    Little Jr Well-Known Member

    3,118 Messages
    558 Likes Received
    More than 10 pts in 1st half once. Enough said
  16. HoustonFrog

    HoustonFrog Well-Known Member

    3,274 Messages
    1,924 Likes Received
    No offense, because its a very well laid out post, but then why does a team like the Ravens fire their OC and when the new guy comes in he clicks? The reason is that some OC's can play call better than others given the personnel they have. Its why teams like GB with a bad Oline run a semi-hurry up and get the ball out of Rodgers hands quickly. It's why some teams keep RBs in to chip when they know they have trouble blocking one guy. You can't just say that OC doesn't matter because everyone calls the same plays so we need more talent. Then why even have an OC? The Ravens showed that some guys can take the same team and turn the exact same personnel into a different machine. We didn't take advantage of the plusses we had...Romo and our WRs and instead kept trying to fit a round peg into a square hole running the ball behind a bad oline just to try and establish something.
  17. FuzzyLumpkins

    FuzzyLumpkins The Boognish

    23,616 Messages
    9,107 Likes Received
    And now we get rationalizations that are not even based on anecdotes. Let's just apply cause without basis to two different things, equate them and then act like you have made a point.

    It doesn't 'click' and if you don't understand that it's the playcalling then you have no clue.

    Someone else changed OC's and something changed for the better. PLAYCALLING!!!

    They didn't score points in certain time frames: DEPR DERP PLAYCALLING!
  18. HoustonFrog

    HoustonFrog Well-Known Member

    3,274 Messages
    1,924 Likes Received
    Translator please :)
  19. Hoofbite

    Hoofbite Well-Known Member

    34,944 Messages
    4,251 Likes Received
    If it's all about failures on behalf of the players, it's makes you wonder how some guys make careers out of being an OC or DC.
  20. superpunk

    superpunk Benched

    26,328 Messages
    73 Likes Received
    All is well.

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