The Giants Resurgence Is A Myth

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by beevomav, Nov 18, 2013.

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    Dallas plays the Giants, and their gaudy 4 game win streak, Sunday. Listening to ESPN, I came away convinced Dallas will be luck to stay within 4 touchdowns of this juggernaut. Then the fear was ratcheted up when I listened to their massive defensive lineman, Jason Peter Paul-Mary. He even said there would be blood...Gulp..

    But Wait ................. I looked a little closer into that 4 game win streak that had one ESPN analyst, Jaws Jaworoski, to comment, "They're Back!"

    In that win streak they order:

    Vikings: With Josh Freeman at QB. He was released the week before and had exactly 2 practices before the game.

    Eagles: With Matt Barkley at QB. Third string with Vick and Noles being out.

    Raiders: With starting QB Tyrelle Pryor, leagues 28th ranked QB with a QBR of 58.9, with 5 TD's and 10 Ints.

    Green Bay: With third string QB Scott Tolzien. No Discount Double Check.

    Eli was on fire, so there is that to fear. Well, not really. In that 4 game stretch he had 3 TD's and 2 Ints. His QB rating for the four game stretch? 76.15 I wonder if the NY media and fans are writing about what's wrong with Eli?

    The Media is convinced. Note this headline.

    NY Post: Resurgent NY Giants fourth straight win against slumping Packers
    Note this small note? Tolzien, starting his first NFL game, took the blame. No mention of this anywhere in this love fest of a post.

    Dallas Morning News was not much better: Their Headline:
    How the New York Giants are in position to match Dallas Cowboys record after horrid start by Rainer Sabin
    He goes on to tell us the reason for the resurgence.

    One of the reasons why the Giants have enjoyed a turnaround is the improvement on defense. Defense? Really? No mention of the Giants beating in a four game stretch, 3 - 3rd string QB's and the 28th ranked QB in the league. All about the defense?

    My Sunday prediction?


    Dallas 28 - Giants 13
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  2. windward

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    We sweep the Giants for the first time in six years.
  3. stasheroo

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    Great job with this. Very good stuff.

    I'm still anticipating a Cowboys loss, but you made a great case here.

    Well done.
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    Nice analysis!
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  5. 17yearsandcounting

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    Only 13 points?
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  6. beevomav

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    The much maligned and beaten up defense makes a stand, and gets three turnovers.
  7. Bizwah

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    Philly's resurgence can be explained that way too. They are getting healthy vs poor teams. They've beaten...

    The Raiders.
    The Packers.
    The Redskins.

    But that's life in the NFL. We've had tougher breaks with our schedule...for sure. But we let too many games go.

    The Chiefs. We blew this one. Too many mistakes. Defense couldn't get one stop at the end of the game.
    The Broncos. I love Romo, but if he makes the easy pass to Murray, I think we drive and end the game.
    The Lions. We choked....defense really let us down.

    We are entering in to the softest part of our schedule. It's still tougher than what Phi and NYG have faced the last four games. But we have to do it. If not, we're looking at another woulda, coulda, shoulda year.
  8. dupree89

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    Whew...I was already getting nervous about this game....but now that its apparent that this will be a laugher in our favor...I am just gonna kick back and enjoy the week. Maybe partake in a little of Dwayne Bowe's recreational tendencies and just enjoy the foolish talk by the giants about being out for blood.
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    I think It might be a Cowboy loss here. Giants got a steak going on right now and Dallas defense all mess up right now. I know that I'm probably going to get hate for this, but I'm still a little worried about this game seeing how Giants are playing and that were playing at there stadium.
  10. sideon

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    If Aaron Rodgers plays that game then the C-Men get blown out because they had open guys that ST simply wasn't connecting with, if the Cowboys lose this game it'll be because of the D being so injured and not NY being good.
  11. XxTDxX

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    I am with you that the 4 game winning streak is a bit of a fluke.. They didn't even look particularly good in any of the 4 games.. Where I will disagree is that this will have an effect on Sundays game.. Every division game is a toss up in my opinion and even if the Giants were 1-9 I would still think they could come out and beat us.. These teams know each other so well that what happened when playing the Chargers or the Vikings or whoever doesn't really have much impact when they get together.
  12. craig57

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    Well with the bye week that should help us but,after the Saints game who knows what team will show up.
  13. Idgit

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    I agree with this, completely. The Giants at 1-9 would be perfectly capable of getting us if it was a game we needed to have. And beating them this week, on top of their resurgence, might end up being one of those pivotal games that propels the Cowboys to better things, given that everyone and their mother are expecting the same old, sad, refrain.
  14. dupree89

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    conversely, would you say that if the Cowboys lose this game it could be the game that sends them into a downward spiral and a 6-10 / 7-9 season?
  15. Beast_from_East

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    I agree that this is the season defining game we have been waiting for.

    If we go to New York and beat them, it can really be the catalyst to claiming a division title and a home playoff game.

    If we go to New York and lose after coming off one of the worst defeats in franchise history and having 2 weeks to prepare........................really could send this team spiraling down with Chicago, Green Bay, Washington, and Philly still left on the schedule.
  16. Idgit

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    It could be.

    What I really expect is for this team to continue to beat the bad teams and to lose to teams with effective QBs. If a QB who's having a bad year has an effective game against us, Romo better be playing lights-out. For the most part under Garrett, we've done a really nice job of handling business when we should, and when we get beat it's because we have an obvious liability. It's the other half of the the-team-with-the-most-effective-passing-game-wins equation.

    The Giants are capable of doing that, for sure, but, overall, they really do not have a very good team this year. I don't care what's happened in previous seasons. Coughlin's a very good coach, but you still have to have talent. Their team lacks it on the OL and on the defense.
  17. kristie

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    hopefully the one that beat the giants in week 1.
  18. Kristen82

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    Kinda hoping for a little better than the team in the opener that allowed 31 pts. and 450 yards and 4 td's passing lol.
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  19. Sarge

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    OK then.............. - we should have no problem beating the Giants this week...........why am I having a hard time convincing myself of that???
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  20. Ender

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    Say whatever you want but It all depends on the defense....

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