The good and the bad...Dallas Cowboys.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 5Stars, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. 5Stars

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    The good..first.

    The Dallas Cowboys are in bad shape. Not just talent wise.

    The bad? I'm still here! What is up with that? That is my fault...

    I apologize.

    Are you a bro or a bra...

    (stupid cowboy fans)
  2. TTexasTT

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    O, I thinks it "Brah"
  3. SDCowboy85

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  4. TheCowboy

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  5. TwoDeep3

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    When your eyebrows are three times as thick as your mustache.....shave the stache.
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  6. xvendettax914

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    This... Isnt where i parked my car...
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  7. bark

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    Someone's starting off the weekend with some spirits I see....:D
  8. Vintage

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  9. diehard2294

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    I want the 2 minutes back in my life for opening this thread
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  10. Boyzmamacita

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    Hilarious thread.

    Sort of off topic, but the thread title makes me wish the Cowboys would use the theme to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly at AT&T. I remember it being used at Texas Stadium for a short time. I think it was for first downs or something. That haunting theme would be better than the forklift beep they use now, although that used to crack me up.
  11. FiveRings

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    are you on drugs, man
  12. Bwareinrings94

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    The good, and the bad, ... and the Dallas Cowboys.
    Fixed it.
  13. dcstands4

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  14. barney

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    I'm gonna mow the lawn tomorrow
  15. Fredd

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  16. Aven8

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    What he's trying to say is we suck and there is NO hope in the foreseeable future, yet like all of us we keep coming back here for our daily fix.

    My wife does Facebook and Pinterest, I do cowboySzone.
  17. Roadtrip635

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    When I was a kid, the Snowcone truck that used to drive through our neighborhood used the "Good, the Bad and the Ugly" Theme music instead of that goofy circus music. At the time I didn't think it was strange, but looking back on it now it does seem a bit odd. Imagine a couple dozen kids salivating like Pavlov's dogs when they heard that music and chasing the Snowcone truck. To this day, I still get a craving for snow cones when I watch that movie. Rainbow Bullets were the best!
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  18. HappyOnions

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    We aren't the only team with fans like this...can't say it's a bad thing to have some loyalty within our fanbase.

    The truth is, about half of us here are too young to remember and enjoy the glory days of either the 70s or the 90s championship teams. For many of us, our entre existence as Cowboys fans has been really nothing different than what Bills, Browns, Lions, Vikings, etc. fans have experienced.

    We all know that our team has had success in the past, but only some of us here have actually been able to enjoy it. It's been nothing but misery for the younger generation.
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  19. pancakeman

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    True story: Years ago I moved into a somewhat dodgy neighborhood in New Jersey. I felt a little better about the neighborhood a few days later when I heard the chimy song of an ice cream truck. But then I placed the familiar melody: it was the theme to the Godfather!
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  20. Corso

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    If he was on drugs- he would have rambled aimlessly for lines and lines and...

    Like I sometimes do. Unless it was the White Lady.
    Then it you have a case...
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