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    First Round #9 - Traded to the St. Louis Rams for their first round #14, third round #78, and fourth round #112.

    First Round #14 (From St. Louis) Anthony Castonzo OT/Boston College

    Second Round #40 - Traded to the Oakland Raiders for their second round #48, fourth round #113, and seventh round #219.

    Second Round #48 (From Oakland) Ras-I Dowling CB/Virginia

    Third Round #71 - Stefen Wisniewski C/Penn State

    Third Round #78 (From St. louis) Kendrick Ellis NT/Hampton

    Fourth Round #110 - John Moffitt OG/Wisconsin

    Fourth Round #112 (From St. Louis) Mark Herzlich LB/Boston College

    Fourth Round #113 (From Oakland) Charles Clay FB,TE,RB,HB/Tulsa

    Fifth Round #143 - Martin Parker DE/Richmond

    Sixth Round #176 - Mark Legree S/Appalachian State

    Sixth Round #219 (From Oakland) Alex Henry K/Nebraska

    Seventh Round #220 - Aldrick Robinson WR/S.M.U.

    Seventh Round #252 - Noel Devine RB/West Virginia
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    I like Ellis (doubt he makes it there), Clay, Robinson and Henery. My aversion to Castonzo and Wiz isn't the norm. LeGree interests me.

    I'm not as high on collecting lots of picks as getting guys that have a better shot at succeeding. The guys you got project well, so good work.
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    looks good
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    Pretty good, IMO kicker can go :eek::
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    we are not drafting a kicker.
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    Unrealistic, but if it happened this way, I'd be ecstatic.
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    I agree. I'm tired of the trade downs, as they rarely seem to work out for us. Trade down and get a lesser player [maybe] to get an additional 6th or 7th, for depth or a project. I want the player that can step in now and can contribute. Trade the 6th or 7th and move up for once. We can get those 6th and 7th type players in FA, after the draft.

    Only thing that jumped out to me was I would have liked to see the S issued higher in this mock draft.
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    I talked to Stefen and he said the Cowboys never talked to him at the Combine and says there's little or no interest in him. Take it for what it's worth.

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