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Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, May 22, 2006.

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    Years ago NFL Films used to do a series about the games hardest hitters. Randy White and Cliff Harris always made the list of top 10 hard hitters and I was always proud of that. I believe Cliff Harris when he said TO wouldn't have got up if he had knocked him off the star. Captain Crash could bring the lumber.

    I've had the good fortume to meet a lot of guys who played the game over the years. If you ask a guy who played if he was nervous before a game, most will tell you that they were until the first hit. I have no idea why, but it's true. Once you hit someone, or get hit, you settle down.

    I've always enjoyed the hitting part of the game. Even at my age right now, when Summer is ending I get the urge to hit someone or get hit. There's nothing quite like the crack of shoulder pads with a good hit.

    The hardest I ever got hit was in a game against the Mayfield Trojans. I don't know the name of the kid who hit me, but I remember he wore #57. I was running along the sidelines when he nailed me and I did my impersonation of a bird. I bet he knocked me 12 to 15 yards out bounds and it seemed like I slid another 4 or 5 yards. I remember I didn't want him to know I was hurt so I jumped up and slapped him on the shoulders and yelled "good hit, good hit." When I got to the huddle I begged them to not give me the ball because I was dead. He rang my bell.

    I got hit harder than that in college practices, but I never made it into a game before I got hurt, so it doesn't feel the same. I can only imagine how much harder they hit in the actual games and then in the NFL.

    Emmitt Smith once described getting hit as "like being in a car wreck." Multiply that by how many times these guys get hit and you can understand why their careers are short.

    I have to admit, one of the attractions of the game for me are the big hits. It's why I loved Randy White and Cliff Harris and why I like Roy Williams so much.

    There have been some hitters outside of the Cowboys I really enjoyed too. Chuck Cecil could de-cleat people he hit so hard. The NFL kind of went after him and I always found that hypocritical of them since they made money off some of the hits he delivered that they put on their videos.

    Ronnie Lott was a devestating hitter that I say ruined a lot of defensive players. Lott could simply knock a guy senseless and it was always on ESPN. IMO too many guys tried to knock guys out like Lott instead of simply tackling them. 99.9% of them just couldn't do it like he could and shouldn't have tried.

    Many of us remember certain big hits. One of the most famous is Quentin Coryatt of Texas A & M doing his impression of a brick wall. Him standing over that guy after train wrecking him still gives me chills.

    I like listening to some of the big hitters too. One of the best quotes I ever heard in football was from Marvin "Shade Tree" Jones when he was at Florida State. He gave a list of his top 5 hits delivered and left off #1 because "it hasn't happened yet." The interviewer asked him how we'd know it had happened. Marvin replied, "when you see that trauma helicopter landing on the field." Classic.

    Most of us (me included) are too young to remember what is regarded as the hardest hit of all time. In 1960, Eagles LB Chuck Bednarik hit Giants RB Frank Gifford so hard that Gifford not only doesn't remember the entire game he played that day, he also he missed the entire 1961 season trying to recover from the hit. One thing to remember, this hit was in Yankee Stadium on a guy who was considered nearly a deity by Giants fans.

    Here's an excerpt from Bednarik about the hit...

    Here's the picture he refers to. It still gives me chills.


    The game is about impact. That includes the impact it has on our lives as fans. I love this game.
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    Good read Hos.

    That is exactly the reason I do not begrudge any of those players making their $$$.
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    No way man, two hand touch is where it's at !!!
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    Great post Hostile. Enjoyed it.
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    I loved Captain Crash also, but he always looked like a little wimp in SB X when Jack Lambert tossed him down like a rag doll after Harris taunted Roy Gerela, the Steeler Kicker for the missed FG. I wanted Harris to get back up in Lambert's face, but, if you watch the old NFL Films you can see Harris was intimidated.

    That play is looked at as a turning point in SB X, as the Steelers showed they were the more physical team. That's always stuck in my craw.
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    Actually that bothered me too.

    Captain Crash sorta came up small that day IMHO.

    THUMPER Papa

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    A couple of my favorite hits:

    Broncos' SS Steve Atwater stuffing Chiefs RB Christian Okoye - That was one I remember hearing more than seeing when it happened. I couldn't believe that Okoye, who was around 260, driving into the line only to go backwards suddenly as if he had hit an oncoming truck. They showed the replay over and over again with the announcer saying to show it at full speed WITH the sound. Awesome hit!

    Oilers RB Earl Campbell crushing Rams LB Isaiah Robertson - I hated Robertson even though I liked the Rams because he had knocked Staubach out, twice. So when I saw this game I absolutely loved what Campbell did to him. Earl was running to his left and had an open lane to the outside but for some reason when he sees Robertson standing there he cuts insides, lowers his head, and just CRUSHES his helmet into Robertson's chest, blows him over, and keeps running.

    I just woke up from a nap so those are the only ones that come to mind right now...
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    I remember both of those.

    Those Rams teams of the 1970s, early 1980s had a bunch of turds (has Pro Football Talk copyrighted that word yet?). Jack Youngblood was one of my least-favorites.

    That day in Houston, Robertson had Earl's cleat marks on his chest. I've never seen an NFL linebacker look that bad on a play. He got rolled.

    Oh, and good idea for a thread, Hos. Great post.
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    I had a buddy who was a LB. He used to wake up in a cold sweat, dreaming he'd been trying to tackle Earl Campbell. The Tyler Rose was a bulldozer.

    I also enjoyed Bo Jackson running over the Boz into the endzone.
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    Good post Hos! I agree Chuck Cecil was a monster.
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    If I remember correctly, I think Hollywood Henderson (the player not the banned poster) and Earl Campbell met head-on in a preaseason game at around the 3 yard line... they both got knocked backwards...

    The irresistible force vs. the immovable object if you will...
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    You mean, he didn't "occupy & engage" him?
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    Earl had another memorable hit when, I think, Jack Tatum hit him full force only bounce off and made Earl stumble a little sideways and then score the td.

    Ronnie Lott was not only a fierce hitter but a tough SOB also. Everyone knows the story of when he had them cut off part of his finger instead of having season ending surgery :eek:

    Then there was a story I heard about a FB that hit so hard his opponent asked him why he was so hostile :D
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    Why I oughtta...

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    Good stuff Hos.........Good stuff.
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    Me to. Great read.
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    Isaiah is a bad man. He spoke one time during our pre-game before the Bayou Classic. In his speech he said that he wished he could line Eddie Robinson on the 50 yard line so he could knock the false teeth out of his mouth, lol. After hearing that we went wild and coincidently that game was the start of our 10 year domination of Grambling. :)

    Although every time I see the highlight of him getting peter-rolled by Earl (who didn't?) I cringe; however that memory can’t compete with the memory of one of the best pre-game speeches I ever heard.

    Great post Hos. Football imo is beautiful sanctioned violence and I wouldn't have it no other way.
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    I got crack backed by a WR playing LB before. You keep your head on a swivell a bit more after that happens. My friend played WR and he was great at it. Just dropped his shoulder and got the helmet right in the ribs...needless to say he knocked the wind/**** out of a few opposing LB's
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    :lmao2: :bow: ....CLASSIC Chief. Haven't heard that in awhile.

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