The Impact of Football

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by Hostile, May 22, 2006.

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    I see his pic on the MARYLAND, and I run
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    LOL... I can relate... when they pull that on me, I tell them to go play the second half of a basketball game on a broken foot, then get back to me... or maybe they can jump up, and have their leg bow backwards into an inverted "C" when they land, courtesy of yet another hyperextension (an experience rendered even more painful by how high I could jump as a young man)... no matter how many times that happened to me, each and every time I was sure I'd shredded my knee... the pain is just EXPLOSIVE, and scares you even worse... "oh Lawd, I really did it this time"...

    I have immense respect for what women go through when undertaking childbirth, and certainly wouldn't trade places with them, LOL... but gimme a break with that whole "you don't know pain" BS... yes, I DO know pain, pain is an old and trusted friend of mine and these days, a near-constant companion, a little souvenir from my days of athletic excess... as I sit here, I really need rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder, it bothers me almost all the time, and my left shoulder is a good deal less than sound too... and I have a hunch that if I continue working out like I need to in order to combat this diabetes, in a few years I'm gonna need my right hip replaced... no problems with the left hip, knock wood, and for some strange reason I haven't had any real problems with my knees in about 10 years... with everything I put those knees through, that's a wonder... they used to bother me quite a lot...

    And at times, I have problems with the hamate bones in both wrists, which I broke trying to dig my golf ball out of some calf-deep, wet rough... they never have healed quite right...

    Basically, I'm a mess... but hey, got no one to blame but myself, I could have stuck to chess... I was pretty good at that there for a while, too... LOL...

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