The Internet, Sports Collectors and Coach Jerry Rhome

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    The Internet, Sports Collectors and Coach Jerry Rhome

    I appreciate people ordering my book directly from me because when its sold from anyone else online somehow the money doesn’t go to me! People are even forging my autograph on the book! So if you want a genuine Jerry Rhome autograph and you want Coach Rhome to get paid for his book, you should order the book directly through me!

    It’s amazing, it’s really amazing, all the stuff going on today. I’ll get letters in the mail saying “Will You Sign all these these Jerry Rhome football cards for all my kids and my neighbors” and I’ll write back, “OK I will, what are their names” and I’ll never hear from them again!

    They do everything they can. I’ve got one guy sending me the same request for numerous autographs on cards two years in a row- I guess he forgot he already sent me his request. I wrote back to him, “Just like I told you last year, give me the names of your people and I will sign their names on the cards with my autograph.”

    Another guy involved in Sports Memorabilia and Collecting phones me and says “I’ve got 2 Dallas Cowboys helmets from the 1960’s and one is is yours and the other is Bob Hayes”. I started laughing and I told him “Look, Man, let me tell you what. I got to tell you something old buddy. I left the Cowboys after 4 years and went to Cleveland. You think they had my helmet sitting around going Auh we’re not going to use this helmet cause Jerry Rhome had it sitting on his head? The minute I walked out the door they had it assigned to someone else. For someone to think they can buy Joe Namath’s helmet or Jerry Rhome’s helmet or Roger Staubach’s helmet, you got to be kidding! Get real man!

    My college helmet is in the College Football Hall of Fame. They asked me to donate it. I gave up my Helmet but I wrote my name on the inside of the Helmet and people are still asking me if its really mine. It has a single bar and I know all the scratches. It’s featured in a Sports Illustrated book about the History of Football Equipment. There’s so much ripoffs going on.

    [excerpted from a longer interview]

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