The Joke That is the Pro Bowl

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Teague31, Dec 26, 2012.

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    The Chiefs are 2-13 yet they had 5, thats' right 5 guys named to the Pro Bowl

    Jeff Saturday (benched by his own team mind you), is named to the Pro Bowl at center.

    And finally, let's look at the stats of two QB's

    QB 1- Yards-4685
    TD's 26

    QB 2- Yards- 3100
    TD's- 20

    QB 2 (RGIV) is selected over QB 1 (Romo)
  2. Vanilla2

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    Fan bias.

    Rg3 is the most hyped player of the year.

    This years cam newton.
  3. SkinsFan82

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    I'm not a fan of the Pro-Bowl but you need to keep in mind that RG3 has some nice rushing stats and they count the same as passing, they don't limit you to 10 yards rushing and make you stop and don't count rushing TDs as 3 points.

    RG3 has 3,852 yards with 26 TDs and 7 turnovers (5 INTs and 2 Fumbles lost)

    Romo has 4,734 yards with 27 TDs and 19 turnovers (again, ints and fumbles lost)

    So basically RG3 has scored about the same amount of TDs and took much better care of the ball.'s the Pro-Bowl, so who cares...
  4. RoyTheHammer

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    Please.. RGIII has the 2nd best passer rating in the entire NFL. He deserves to be there.
  5. rocyaice

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    The Chiefs have good players. They don't have a quarterback. That's their problem. How can you argue against Jamaal Charles, Hali, Berry and Derrick Johnson? I can't speak on Colquitt but those other 4 are some of the best players in the league at their position.
  6. playmakers

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    I'm a die hard Cowboys fan but have to say RG3 def deserved to make it. As did Romo. It is what it is.

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