The Last Two Super Bowl Champions

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nation, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Okay...point well taken. But I think it is perfectly acceptable to ask the head coach a follow up question after he says they gotta get better.

    something like...

    "Coach, lets be fair here, we've been hearing this for three years about having to get better. I think you would agree that the results just aren't there. Why?"
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    Ah yes football season is back indeed. We'll be seeing a lot of these types of "pattern" posts every week, win or lose.
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    Sure they can ask it. And they're going to get the same answer worded different. The coaches and players would be fools to fall into that trap with the media.
  4. cowboys1981

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    Looking back at the past is irrelevant to today. History doesn't always repeat itself and when it comes to the NFL every story is written different. That's what makes it the NFL. Our storyline (if we win it all) would be one of its own since the failures would be lumped into us reaching the ultimate goal. It would show that the big payoff can happen when you believe and this franchise and MOST of its fan base has stuck by this team.
  5. KJJ

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    A person of my logic looks at the pattern my own team has developed over the years not the pattern of another franchise. What the Giants did in 07 has nothing to do with the Cowboys. What the Giants did in 07 inspired them to keep fighting in 2011. They've developed a trend the past 7 years of starting off slow and coming on at the end. They have a history of coming from nowhere to win SB's. Everyone figured after the 85 Bears dominated the league that season they would win it all again in 86 but it was the Giants who won it all. After Simms was lost late in the 1990 season the Giants looked done with Hostetler at QB but ended up upsetting a loaded Bills team in the SB.

    The Cowboys owned the Giants during the regular season in 07 and no one could beat NE. The Giants were 0-3 vs the the Cowboys and NE that season but once again they pulled off the unexpected. They were as up and down as the Cowboys in 2011. They were a struggling 7-7 team at one point that even Rex Grossman was able to take apart that season but they ended up being the only 9-7 team to ever win a SB. Stop looking at the Giants history and the patterns they've formed and look at the Cowboys.
  6. BIGDen

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    So what was our pattern in 2009? To win the final three games of the season, including one at previously undefeated New Orleans, then win a playoff game? People bringing up the "one win in however many years" crap is nonsense. The Dave Campo era had NOTHING to do with this team. In the "Romo era" (if you want to pick a period that has a little more bearing on today) we have made the playoffs three times, won two division titles and a playoff game as well as played for the division title in the final week a few times. That is clearly not good enough. Read that again before some idiot posts something about me bragging about our recent accomplishments. The point is that we have been a competitive team in recent years that does not always fall flat at the end of the season (even if we usually do). The Ravens lost like 4 of their last 5 and Flacco was nothing last year. A Broncos DB gave them a playoff victory then Flacco played better. SB champs! This kind of thing happens all the time now. 9 or 10 win teams that barely make it into the playoffs win SBs. I am as pissed off as anyone about yesterday's performance, and our recent offensive performances are very troubling, but what will happen in December or January likely has little to do with what just happened yesterday or in 2003. Let's see if this team improves. I think the OL, and team overall, has a good chance to play better as the season progresses and that we have a very solid chance of winning this division. If that happens, anyone can win in the playoffs. This is the reality of parity in the free agency era. It's early and there's lots of football to be played. If you've given up hope already, why bother watching?
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    I gotta say.. I didn't think I could get any more upset than what I am but this thread proved me wrong.

    Good job OP.
  8. KJJ

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    That was 4 years ago under a different HC. That season ended with a butt whipping in Minnesota during the playoffs. That season was a fluke the Cowboys haven't made the playoffs since. The only pattern this team has formed is 8-8 seasons and losing season ending elimination games.
  9. BIGDen

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    Oh ok. Got it. 2009 doesn't count. Austin doesn't lose it in the lights/bend his route in 2011, we win the division. Romo had 4 TDs and no picks in that critical, late-season game yet I guess that was a part of this pattern too or maybe not? Same coach and many of the same players and we were inches away from another division title in 2011. Whatever. This year is this year. Go look for trends while I watch the games and hope for the best.
  10. Hoofbite

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    Honestly, how long are people going to keep doing this?

    This literally has been happening since the Giants knocked off the Patriots the first time.
  11. KJJ

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    It is early and I haven't given up but this season has gotten off to the same up and down pattern we've been seeing with the Cowboys. It's hard not to be discouraged seeing some of the same issues every year. No team has been in more tight games over the past 2 seasons than the Cowboys so if they don't start figuring out ways to win these dogfights it's going to be a long season. The running game is still not there and despite a coordinator and scheme change the defense is still having trouble stopping offenses late in games.

    The Cowboys had an opportunity to stop KC and get the ball back with plenty of time to kick a game winning FG but they couldn't stop their ground game. Carter should have had Charles on the ground well before he reached the first down marker on a 3rd down play and didn't get it done. They allowed KC to eat up most of the clock.
  12. 50cent

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    The last 2 Super Bowl champs also don't shy away from the run either!
  13. KJJ

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    You can't force the run if it isn't there. Trying to force the run is going to keep the Cowboys points down and have them playing from behind in a lot of games. They had to play from behind most of the time last season. They're going to have to throw to score and win games. Murray hasn't been very effective without a lead blocker. He doesn't have the vision and runs into piles.
  14. links18

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    They aren't going away.
  15. 50cent

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    This playing from behind stuff is getting old! I know we trailed a lot last year, but there were several games that we got down and was able to get back in the game in time enough to utilize the run and didn't. And wheni mean got back in the game, I mean to get within a TD. Even then, with plenty of time to run, we abandoned it. What's the excuse yesterday for one rushing attempt in the 2nd half? Was it because we were trailing by 1 in the 3rd?

    And the excuse for passes on first down at their 5? The run can and could have been used during last years comebacks and it definitely SHOULD be used within an opponents 5. But we pass, settle for 3, then say the run game was ineffective without ever going to it!

    And maybe just maybe the run game is ineffective because our OL does nothing but practice passing and have become SOFT! This is my belief. OL like run blocking, try doing it 30+ times at least 6 games and if the results are terry bell, then ill agree. Until then, these big uglies are being mishandled!
  16. Sarge

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    Why are we being compared to the last two Super Bowl champions??? That's funny in and of itself.
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  17. Hoofbite

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    Isn't it obvious? The fact that another team lead by a different coach with different players, under different ownership and in a different city was able to pull it off when it came right down to it means that Dallas can do it too.
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  18. KJJ

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    When you're playing from behind most of the time like the Cowboys have been it takes you away from the running game. Murray had 17 carries for losses last season which helped put the offense in a number of 3rd and long situations. Even the Ravens had to abandon the run some during the postseason last year. Rice only averaged 3.6 a carry in the playoffs and 3.0 in the SB. The Cowboys can't just sit on small leads playing not to lose by pounding the ball for 2-3 yards a carry and expect their defense that can't stop anyone in the 4th quarter to bail them out. The only way the Cowboys can score and maintain possession is to throw the ball. The Chiefs were able to eat up several minutes late in the 4th quarter yesterday by running the ball effectively.

    They were picking up one first down after another and the Cowboys are unable to do that. Romo is going to have to put the ball up 50+ times against teams like the Broncos, Packers and Saints for the Cowboys to have a chance. They're only chance in those games is to try and win in a shootout. The Cowboys wanted to reduce Romo's passing attempts this season by running the ball more but it doesn't appear that will happen. For the Cowboys to score enough points and stay competitive this season they're going to have to score a lot more than 16 points vs a team that has a game manager at QB. The Cowboy had all offseason to try and develop a running game and nothing has changed. The OL still can't run block and Murray continues to be inconsistent.
  19. 50cent

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    Name the game that we trailed this season and how the Cowboys used the pass to put the game away? This we pass because we're down is lame IMO. We've passed when we're up 20+ points in the past (Lions game) and its obvious we should run, we pass when it's close & when we get down by 1 point early in the second half of games we pass.

    It's gotten so obvious that I can tell when the run is gonna be abandoned. Typically it takes one negative run play regardless of the score, time and situation. And you can bet your check, if we have two negative run plays were definitely goin pass happy regardless of score.

    Face it this team has been in every situation, winning, trailing or tied and the constant is a JG/Romo led team loves to pass.

    Go back when we had a solid run blocking line and you still can barely find a 1,000 yard rusher!
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    Yep, same crap, different year.

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