The longer this week goes, the better I feel

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Cajuncowboy

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    There is something really strange about this week heading into the game.

    On the outside looking in we are playing a team that has the next great hype in RG3. They are playing well at this point. The game is in their house and it is in cold bad weather. The field is crap. And no one, including some on this board is giving the Cowboys much of a chance to win the game.

    I like it.

    Each day that goes by my confidence grows. There isn't any one thing I can point to and say "Look at that! That's why we will win!" But there is something "in the air" so to speak.

    I believe that for some reason we are just going to go up to DC and do something we haven't done all year. Dominate. I see Murray having a big game as will Dez and Romo.

    I fear RG3 not one little bit.

    My only concern is how do we handle Morris. If we can contain him, we got this.

    Anyway, there is just something odd or different about this game.
  2. jzcowboy

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    I'm with you
  3. DuceizBak

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    This is why all of the players prefer playing in a domed stadium. There's no reason to not have a domed stadium in the 21rst century.
    When I played football the only people who liked watching us play in the cold weather were people over 50.

    It's also bad for the fans.
    Stop being cheap and buy a dome. I'm not saying this because I believe Cowboys or etc are at an advantage. I really think it's stupid not to have a dome.
  4. ufcrules1

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    You should, RG3 DOMINATED our team in Dallas. With that said, I like that we are the big under dog, not odds wise but just everyone thinks we are going to lose. I would rather go into the game that way and hope the Cowboys players are playing with a chip on their shoulders.

    BTW are you going to the game? I hear we always win when you go.
  5. Eric_Boyer

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    the one thing that does bode well is we had to play a unique offense coming off a short week last time around.

    Now we get the benefit of seeing them previously, and having (almost) normal preparation time.
  6. Future

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    That's a good point...facing a tricky offense like that is even more difficult without a lot of time to prepare.

    BUT, the mistakes the defense made in the first game were fundamentally wrong. Whether it was Ware crashing on a fake handoff and not holding the edge, McCray keeping his eyes in the backfield and not turning to run with a deep route on a playfake, or just poor tackling lanes, there were lots of things Dallas' D did wrong, particularly in that second quarter, that had very little to do with the Skins' offense.
  7. mgcowboy

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    I am the opposite ... I was having a good feeling about this even while watching Saints game...but day by day I find my self nervous and now I am not feeling that confident really...

    But few weeks ago I was thinking of this game and for some reason I had flashes of Victor Butler sacking RG3 multiple times....

  8. Cajuncowboy

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    Unfortunately I can't make it. I really struggled with it though. And yes, the Cowboys are 12-0 when I attend thier games.
  9. K-Mart

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    The 1 thing that doesn't get talked about is how we outscored them 28-10 in the second half. Obviously that 2nd quarter got out of hand...but I feel like we were starting to figure RG3 out in the 2nd half but just ran out of time...
  10. Eric_Boyer

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    I imagine they would counter that they shifted strategy to chew up the clock
  11. ufcrules1

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    That is because that is what they did.
  12. DFWJC

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    But didn't I just see that on the prediction thread you have the Redskins beating us by a larger margin that almost anyone else?

    Not criticizing the prediction. If that is what you think, at least you're being honest. But it does sound like you think we are going to get stomped.
  13. JonJon

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    Write a letter to Jerry. I am sure he will lend you the private jet and get you luxury seats if it guarantees a Cowboys victory
  14. JohnsKey19

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    The Skins are playing good ball - no doubt. But if you watch the Thanksgiving Day game, the game was won and lost in essentially 4 huge plays all in the 2nd quarter. We committed two turnovers in our own territory leading to 2 Redskins scores and the Skins completed two long bombs for TDs. BOOM -- 28-3. Before everyone finished slicing their turkey, the game was over.

    Obviously we cant win this type of playoff game turning the ball over. Secondly, i think you'll see Rob Ryan mix in a lot of 2 deep Safety schemes and VERY selectively drop an 8th man in the box to try to stop the run.

    This will be a much different ballgame. I think you'll see several lead changes throughout. A big play or turnover in the 4th will determine the outcome.
  15. newlander

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    some of you guys are just in DENIAL. It's kinda sad to witness. Unless Rat, Lee, Carter, Oscan, Coleman and Church are all better and playing at a high level by Sunday we are NOT winning this game. They'll put up 40 unless RG3 gets hurt. Can Romo and Co. put up more than 40? Highly doubt it: don't set yourselves up for such disappointment guys. It doesn't make you a better "fan" to be so clueless, it truly doesn't.:rolleyes:
  16. Hot_Toddy

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    First of all good post and glad to see you posting often.

    And very good reason for the above statement. Typically, rookie QB's don't fair well, individually, in their first playoff games. (Yes, I'm considering this a playoff game)

    For a quick reference here's a few rookie QB's that had great regular seasons but didn't do well (individually) in their first playoff games:

    Roethlisberger Rookie Playoffs: 3 TD, 5 INTs After a 15-1 Season

    Ryan Rookie Playoffs: 2TD, 2 INTs After 11-5 season

    Flacco Rookie Playoffs: 1 TDs, 3 INTs. After 11-5 Season

    My concern is Morris as well. Though I mentioned the QB play above, those teams still had a collective 3 and 3 record in those games despite the QB play.

    It all comes down to how we stop their first ranked rush offense. And should we beat the 'Skins and should we play Seattle in the first round, then the same holds true IMO.

    Romo says that if we're down 14 points we find a way to come back. Well, we're down exactly 14 net points for the year. So, hopefully we come out firing and win by 17 to give us +3 net points for the season. :)
  17. Eric_Boyer

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    a classic defense mechanism is to write off any chance of success.

    ask yourself, are you really so fragile that you can't dream a bit leading up to the big game?
  18. DFWJC

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    Put the bottle down.
    I know it's 5pm somewhere, but anywhere in the states and it's probably too early to be getting trashed.:starspin
  19. cowboys2233

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    I'm with you - so much so that I'm already looking ahead to the wildcard round. All this RGIII and Redskins hype is funny to me and it'll make it even more enjoyable when we destroy them and all these media types will look around and say "Wha...wha...what just happened?!" Probably too much to ask for, I'm sure they'll just switch their attention to saying how badly we're going to get destroyed by the Seahawks and their unstoppable rookie QB. :laugh2:
  20. Idgit

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    You must be so sad. Cheer up, little Buckaroo. Maybe your favorite team will surprise you by beating another moderately talented team on the road. It'll be like a Christmas Miracle, like the wins over Cincinnati and Pittsburgh were.

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