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Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by MichaelWinicki, Apr 13, 2014.

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    Yep, pretty much all of the most dominant golfers of all time were very long hitters. I think people have already forgotten just how long Tiger was when he came on the scene. He was like John Daly with a brain. And where some older players like Phil and Freddy have pretty much kept up with the times and stayed long (relative to the field), Tiger hasn't. He's slowly lost ground to the rest of the field. It was a huge advantage that he no longer has.

    Also, disagree with those who say Tiger's personality was a big part of his popularity. It was his incredible play. Without that, he'd just be another Pat Perez or other journeyman with a bad temper.

    Tiger is in trouble now. As you said, his age alone would be a problem, but all those injuries add to it. I have no doubt he was a PED user and that probably added to his injury list. Hope looking good for his line of tramps was worth it.
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    which is strange since the first 40 years of my life all you'd hear is no way a left hander can win the Masters
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    It just plays against right handers per the pundits. I've never played it but I tend to think it works for the long ball hitter who can work the ball and has a great short game esp putting. You have to strike it well and putt it well.
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    You have to hit a high draw on many of the risk/reward holes if you're right handed -- a high fade if you're a lefty -- because of the dog-leg left layout.
    The lefty shot is easier, and that's Bubba's forte'.

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