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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nav22, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Nav22

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    WHEN we win our next 2 games (vs. Houston, vs. NY Giants), putting us at 4-2 after 6 games with a 2-1 division record... what will the mood be like here?

    Will the season still be in the crapper? Will we still need to bench Bledsoe?


    Then SHUT UP. Why is it that EVERY time we lose, this entire board has to collectively jump off a cliff? It's a 16 game season... some games we'll win and play excellent football for 4 quarters, some games we'll lose and play poorly for much of the game. It's not how you start the season, it's how you finish.

    WE'RE STILL IN EARLY OCTOBER! Get a freakin' grip, people. I'm just as pissed as anyone else about the loss, but damn... I've never encountered such a bunch of knee-jerk crybabies in my life. 2-2 after 4 games (3 of which were on the road), 1-1 in the division, and you're ready to throw in the towel???

    I'm glad none of you work in the front office... we'd go through 10 QBs/year.

    Sorry to be so hard on ya... we'll all feel better after we slap around the Texans next week and get back over .500 (especially if Philly loses at N.O.). Winning cures all. :starspin
  2. Rampage

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    who says we will beat new york?
  3. Dale

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    I'll actually be quite impressed if Bledsoe can play a good game on the road in late October against the Giants. New York isn't an especially scary team, but they possess a good defense, an at-times stellar pass rush and strike me as the sort of team Bledsoe will struggle against.

    So, yeah, a victory against them on the road would actually signal a minor turning-the-corner for this team. In my mind, at least.

    Beating Houston will be no different, should it happen, than beating Tennessee. I'll be relieved we didn't "f it up" and will enjoy the trouncing, as they're always fun to watch. Again, should it happen as you're seemingly expecting.

    Oh, and I agree Philly-New Orleans is a big game as far as standings go. The Saints are suddenly a difficult team and would represent a very quality victory for Philly. On the other hand, a loss -- coupled with a potential Cowboys win -- would help us slide closer to 1st.
  4. SupermanXx

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    I didn't really read your post and stuff.. but it's not 'when' we lose.. it's 'how' we lose that bothers most people

    Same old crap, different day

    gets old after a while especially when THIS was supposed to be THE year
  5. Rampage

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    we play ney york on the road in december
  6. HighTechDave

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    some one kill me

    please. no noise, just gun. and fast
  7. Nav22

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    Who says we'll beat anyone ever again?

    It's a home game, the Giants haven't looked any better than we have this year... I like our chances.

    Answer the question. 4-2 after week 7... how drastically will your mood change?

    If you admit that it WILL be much brighter than it is today and that the season would then NOT be down the crapper, it's absurd to throw in the towel TODAY and call for Bledsoe's benching. He's our best chance to win, period... and the season's not over.
  8. Dale

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    My bad. I was thinking all along that it was a road game. Doesn't look nearly as difficult then, though that pass rush still scares me.
  9. Dale

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    4-2 isn't a bad record by any means. I'll be quite happy with the mark.

    However, I'll still be concerned about what appears to be this team's biggest problem: Beating a good team on the road. I know you can't beat 'em all, but as Mick Green posted earlier today, we've struggled against good teams under Parcells.

    Beating Houston and New York at home doesn't answer those questions for me.
  10. Hostile

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  11. Rampage

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    my mood won't change. we still have to play good teams on the road like carolina,washington and atlanta. some good teams at home to (philly,indy,ny)if we win 4 out of those 6 my mood might change a little bit
  12. peplaw06

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    I think most realists had us at 2-2 after the first 4.
  13. CalCBFan

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    Who says we are going to beat the Texans? Bledsoe already looks to me much the same as he did after 10 games last when when we managed to lose all remaining 6 games and finish 7-9....
  14. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

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    I did, and these are the 2 games I felt we could lose. Play the same two teams ten times in a row in Philly and we can win 8 of them. They were more motivated yesterday.
  15. thekavorka

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    I figured we'd be 2-2 also, but see, it's the way we lost. Thats why you see the reaction that you see. A quarterback with 7 interceptions in 4 games (5% of his passes) and a QB rating of 63.6 will provide that kind of reaction.
  16. Snaggletooth

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    I don't want to jump off a cliff because we lost, I want to jump off a cliff because of the WAY we lost (7 sacks, 3 interceptions with one returned 102 yards for a TD not to mention a blown opportunity for us to score, a muffed punt that turned into an Eagles TD, secondary giving up big plays for TDs, TO badly underthrown for a sure TD). I could go on but I think I'll stop because I am making myself sick.
  17. Nav22

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    So you'd rather us lose games because we simply didn't have the talent to keep up? We shot ourselves in the foot... once we stop doing that, this team will be VERY hard to beat.

    It's still VERY early. We're not in a "hole"... we're 2-2 and tied for 2nd in the division. Philly has a VERY rough schedule late in the season... and we get a rematch with them in our house.

    But if you'd like to throw in the towel and flush the season anyways, be my guest.
  18. Undisputed

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    I won't be satisfied with 4-2 at all. Why? Because I know that somewhere down the road we are going to lose big. In games that matter quite a bit more. And the main reason is because of our QB.

    This is just a ridiculous infinite loop of disappointment. And I think people, including myself, are finally getting it. With Bledsoe it will always be suck-decent-suck-decent-suck-decent-suck-good-suck-decent-suck big time. Before we know it we are 8-8 as we somehow have justified in giving Bledsoe "one more chance" every week until we are looking at the playoffs from the outside.
  19. Nav22

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    Getting what? That it's all Bledsoe's fault?

    It was his fault Watkins and Roy couldn't cover ANYONE deep? It was his fault that the OL was atrocious in blitz pickup? It was his fault that McBriar dropped that punt?

    That loss wasn't just on Bledsoe and you're kidding yourself if you think QB was our only problem.
    Hahaha... "it will always be". Such confidence in what... 20 games with Bledsoe as our starting QB? Was Bledsoe the problem last year? Last I remember, he was one of our few bright spots last year.

    Jacksonville and Philly got in Bledsoe's face, and he played poorly. Washington and Tennessee didn't, and he played well. Not absolving him of blame... but maybe we just need to protect him better against better teams?

    Now what, exactly, will benching him do? Flush the season down the crapper with 12 games to go? Unbelievable...
    "Lose big"? Hasn't happened yet. In fact, we've played 2 very tough opponents on the road and had chances to win both of those games. Face it... this Cowboys team is pretty talented. If we stop shooting ourselves in the foot and gain some continuity at the OL, we'll be tough to beat.
  20. Wolf2k5

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    yes it was roy and watkins fault for giving up deep balls. but look at the mental aspect that every time you made a great stop on a drive your qb gives the ball right back. and vice versa. every time our offense did something good the defense discoraged them by giving up a play. i knew from the 87 yarder after we tied the game we would lose cuz every1s head was not in it. they were thinking about "well we gna do this but we jus gna get f ed in the a again"

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