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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by VACowboy, Apr 21, 2007.

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    Ok, I want to trade down with NE or Baltimore so badly that it makes my butt hurt. I'd dearly love to add another third-rounder. Unfortunately, I don't see anyone at the end of the first trading up. So, no trades in this mock. This is not a projection. It's who I'd realistically like to see the Cowboys select. My general theory on football is that the three biggest determiners of football games are QB pressure, QB play and overall OL play, in that order. This mock reflects those beliefs.

    22) Anthony Spencer, OLB, Purdue, 6'3", 261, 4.7 - Great edge rusher with terrific quicks and a great first step. He's big and plays the run strong as well. I'm sure a lot of people would call this a reach, but I think he has the ability to be a superb strong-side compliment to Ware. Judging from what I've read, he's sliding up the boards.

    53) Josh Wilson, CB, Maryland, 5'9", 190, 4.39 - Glenn is probably in his last year and if Henry doesn't snap out of it we're gonna need a new starter opposite Newman sooner than later. Wilson is fast and ultra quick, a true cover corner with closing speed to burn. He's a terrific athlete who plays a lot bigger than his height, is tough as nails and hos no problem supporting the run. He reminds me a lot of a little bigger, faster Antoine Winfield.

    87) Allen Barbre, OT, Missouri Southern St., 6'4", 305, 4.84 - Flo is over 30, in his contract year and definitely seen his better days. I'm not sure that Jerry will be wanting to pay the big-time money that Flo will want, either. Enter Allen Barbre, an extremely strong and Athletic Division II All-American that dominated at his level. He has great agility and projects well to guard at the pro level too. I believe in Parcells' assessment of McQ and that he may be the future at LT, but there's nothing wrong with quality depth, and with a year under his belt to learn and get stronger, Barbre has the potential be a 2008 upgrade at either position on the left side.

    122) Johnnie Lee Higgins, WR, UTEP, 5'11", 185, 4.52 - I don't know about his forty time, but Higgins plays a heck of a lot faster than that. He's extremely athletic with great speed, sick quickness and good hands. He's a homerun threat who will stretch the field and go up and get the ball. He's an excellent punt returner as well. He averaged 14.5, 20.6, 17.1 and 16.1 YPC, had 362, 700, 837 and 1319 yards, and caught 0, 10, 9 and 13 TDs the four years of his college career

    159) Cory Anderson, FB, Tennessee, 6'2", 247, 4.7 - I know a lot of people love McClain, but for my money, Anderson is better at everything than McClain except catching passes. And Anderson is no slouch at that. He's a great athlete with lots of upside, is an effective, if not punishing runner, and a pretty good receiver out of the backfield too. Of all the fullbacks in this class, he's the best blocker and probably the best player all around.

    195) Walter Thomas, NT, NW Mississippi C.C., 6'4", 374, 5.19 - The guy is HUGE, fast, and agile. He's a project, for sure, inexperienced at any decent level of play. But with his size, strength and athleticism, his potential has no limit. He has all the tools to be a devastating force in the center of Wade Philips's sack machine for years to come.

    200) Kyle Young, C, Fresno St., 6'5", 354, 5.61 - A huge road grader who would add punch to the OL. He'd probably have to shed a few pounds, but he's exactly the kind of physical downhill mauler Philips needs to muscle his power running game. He'd be a quality backup to Gurode and push him in TC, which is always a good thing.

    212) Jake Kuresa, G, BYU, 6'3", 322, 5.25 - Big, strong, athletic and versitile. He played T, G and C over the course of his hollege career. A perfect backup guy along the OL with upside to maybe be more.

    234) Jeff Rowe, QB, Nevada, 6'5", 226, 4.98 - Big and fast for his size. He doesn't have a huge arm but has nice touch and is deadly accurate. 2633, 2925 and 1907 yards, 58.4, 62 and 64.7 completion percent, and 15/12, 21/10 and 17/8 TD/INT the past three years.

    237) Anthony Pudewell, TE, Nevada, 6'4", 250, 5.04 - There are only two TEs on the roster. Pudwell is an excellent blocker with good hands.

    A coupla UDFA...

    Marcus Hamilton, CB, Virginia, 5'11, 186, 4.51 -- He played a LOT of man coverage at Virginia and picked off a lot of balls. Led the ACC twice, I think. He's smart and was a real leader on the field. The past three seasons he totaled 4, 6 and 5 interceptions.

    Jordan Kent, WR, Oregon, 6'4", 221, 4.50 - Huge WR with great speed for his size. Here's the skinny from Draft Countdown: Has outstanding height and bulk with long arms...Tremendous natural athlete...A long strider with decent speed...Just oozes potential...Phenomenal leaper...Smart and a hard worker w/ top intangibles...Showed big improvement in a short time. Was born in Saudi Arabia...Played basketball for the Ducks and his father, Ernie, is the head basketball coach...For the most part he had been known as a track and basketball star and he actually excelled in both sports at the high school and college levels...Opted to give football a try in 2005 and in doing so he became the first NCAA athlete to letter in three sports since 2002...Didn't see much action on the gridiron in high school...An extremely intriguing prospect who may get drafted based on upside alone...Whoever brings him into the fold will have to be willing to invest a lot of time and effort in him but in the end it could pay major dividends.
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    Now, may I mock your mock?? :D

    Just kidding, you didn't do too bad...

    Not a bad choice, he might wind up being the Cowboys' Shaun Phillips to Demarcus Ware's Shawne Merriman...

    Again, I could live with it... there's nothing all that exciting in your first two picks, but they do address current team needs, and the value is about right for both...

    This is the first time we part company, when the scouts say "projects to guard at the pro level", what they're really saying is "he might not be a particularly good tackle"...

    I also want the Boys to get bigger on the offensive line, and more to the point, Wade Phillips probably does too...

    But hey, Barbre might make a heckuva blocking TE... ;)

    Think Manny Ramirez or Doug Free here instead...

    I went to UTEP myself, back in the very early 70s, so you KNOW I'm not gonna dis this pick... LOL...

    FYI, Higgins ran MUCH faster at the UTEP Pro Day, he put up a 4.34 and a 4.39... that's more like his true speed, I think, in the 4.35-4.4 range... to me, he's a better prospect than Ted Ginn, because he's such a dangerous kick returner, but he's also a more polished receiving product... eventually, Ginn may equal or surpass Higgins' abilities as a receiver, but right now you have to give the edge to the Miner...

    An excellent choice, I agree that he's probably the best blocking FB available in this draft... but one small quibble here, you might want to swap this pick with the next one, because I don't think Walter Thomas will still be on the board that late, but Anderson probably will be...

    Look at Anderson's computer numbers, they're VERY similar to one Daryl "Moose" Johnston coming out of college...

    I like him, but not THAT much... I can't ignore the fact he couldn't make it at a higher level of competition, that makes me wonder if he has the discipline or the work ethic to succeed in the NFL...

    That doesn't mean I wouldn't take a flyer on him on the second day of the draft though, he seems like a good gamble late...

    No, no, no, no NOOOOOOOO... stay well away from this bust in the making...

    I had Young VERY high on my draft board going into this season, but that was before he had off-field issues his senior year, and before he put on 30 plus pounds... if the guy can't even be bothered to get in shape for the most important job interview of his life, what makes you think he'd get and stay in shape in the NFL??

    It would be one thing if he had maintained his agility when he got fat, but there's no center in the history of the NFL who ran a 5.6 40... *I* can run faster than a 5.6 40, and I'm pushing 55 years old, with a pair of knees only an orthopedic surgeon could love...

    Dustin Fry would be a much better value at C here, IMO...

    MUCH better... I like this guy... don't know if he'll still be on the board at this point, I'd rate that 50-50...

    Uhhh, a 5 second 40 is fast for a 225 pounder?? LOL...

    I'd much prefer Toby Korrodi or Isaiah Stanback at this point... Jordan Palmer, if he's still on the board... but speed isn't really all that important for a QB, and he put up nice passing numbers in college... a few too many ints, perhaps, but other than that...

    I can see the wisdom of drafting a TE late, but a 250 pound TE who can't run any better than a 5.0 40??

    At 250, he's not likely to be a dominating blocker, and running a 5.0 40 will make it hard for him to get open in the NFL...

    You don't by any chance live in Nevada?? Perhaps you go to that school?? :D

    If the Cowboys are lucky, they might find Dante Rosario still on the board here... he's a better blocker, indeed he can line up at FB from time to time... Dante is also an asset on special teams...

    I kinda think Marcus will get drafted... I watch a lot of UVa games, living just an hour and a half from Charlottesville, and agree with your assessment of him...

    Another good sleeper...

    As an overview, though I quibbled with some of your picks, for the most part you had the players going in the rounds they seem to be projected in by most of the "experts", and you addressed virtually all of the needs I'd like to see addressed in this draft...

    All in all, an A minus... find a replacement for Kyle Young, and I might even give you an A... :bow:
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    Yeah, I know. I tried to keep it real. I hate mocks where some homer has his team taking s even of the best 50 players in the draft. I can't quibble with any of your critique. I know what you mean about getting bigger on the OL. I'm not crazy about Ramirez but I had Free in one of my early drafts. I think I got caught up in the Barbre hysteria, but I do think the guy's a player. I want to see Spencer and Higgins in Dallas.
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    Ain't it fun, talking about the draft?? It almost makes the early offseason bearable...


    It's clear to me that you're a serious draftaholic...
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    I heard Josh Wilson on the radio a few days ago and he was a well spoken man. He was making the point that scouts are saying he is too small and would be a top 15 pick if he was a bit taller. Although he mentioned he is aobut a quarter of an inch smaller than Chris Houston who may wind up in the top 25.
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    I'm not as big a Spencer fan as most, his numbers are below Carp's, I'd much rather take a flyer on B. Smith late and use that spot on a WR or trade, since with Wilson, and Higgins you cover some of my main worries, DB and PR. Agree you'd have to swap the FB DT picks.
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    Carpenter's times are only slightly better than Spencer's.

    40 Time: 4.65 v. 4.69
    Shuttle: 4.31 v. 4.43
    Cone: 6.88 v. 7.14

    Carpenter didn't do any other drills, so we can't compare them. Spencer is slightly bigger (1/2" and about 10 lbs) and is much stronger (30 reps v. 20 reps). They both have about the same lenth of arm (Carp is 1/4" longer).

    The big difference is that Spencer is more of a natural pass-rusher. He's just really good at it. He uses leverage and uses his thick strong arms to fight off the OT. He's got a great repertoire of moves and uses them effectively.

    Spencer was by far the most productive defensive end in college football in 2006. Better, in that regard, than Gaines Adams, Jamaal Anderson, and Dan Bazuin.
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    Has he always played DE? That "little diff." in time can make a big diff. when it comes to coverage, if we only want a pass-rusher I'd rather take a flyer on a later round for a specialty player, Phillips was not a 1st rounder.
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    Yes, he's always played DE, but he has experience dropping back in coverage. Spencer is considered a better prospect than Phillips coming out.

    Spencer ran LB drills at his pro day and looked very good. Here are some other blurbs from NFLDraftScout about his ability to play OLB:

    From Scott Wright:

    This guy has Pro Bowl 3-4 OLB written all over him.
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    I'd be pleased drafting Spencer at #22, taking a CB in round 2, an o-lineman in round 3 and a WR in round 4.

    Taking Spencer at #22 would allow us the flexibility to move Carp to the inside and thereby reduce the need to spend a draft pick on an ILB, which is a pretty wretched crop this year. The more I look at ILB the more I think we would be just as well off signing 3-4 as undrafted FA's and just replace Fowler with one of them.
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    One of the better mocks i've seen on here, not just because I like the picks but because it's a pretty realistic mock in terms of value. Good work.
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    Ya, SB, I enjoy the combine and the draft almost as much as games.

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